Ah Loy’s female ghost partner

Portraits of Ah Loy's family members

Portraits of Ah Loy’s family members


  • Anniversary Book Name: Spiritual Vampirism
  • Anniversary year: 11th Anniversary
  • Page: 1 – 48
  • Year published: 1987
  • Testimony from: Chiew Tuck Loy@Ah Loy, Chiew Tuck Ching@Tuck Seng (Ah Loy’s brother), Chan Kwong Sang@Sai Kow (Ah Loy’s uncle), Chiew Sow Chan (Ah Loy’s elder sister)
  • Age: 33
  • Occupation: Painter
  • IC: 4658782
  • Address: 12-A, Jln Nangka, Sentul, 51100. Kuala Lumpur

The Encounter

In 1976, I went to work in Singapore with my two elder brothers and my friends. On this occasion, I almost lost my life. The following is my testimony of the events that transpired.

There were more than ten of us when we first arrived in Singapore. One day, an acquaintance of mine, Ah Mun, introduced me to a girl, Ah Yoke. She appeared to be seventeen or eighteen years old, quite petite and very beautiful. She said that she is staying in Jurong. At the time, I did not bother to verify her purported residential address.

It was not difficult to get her to go out with us. On the contrary, she would willingly join us and kept us company. Ah Mun told me that he came to know of Ah Yoke by chance. He was amazed at how they would keep running into each other at bus-stops, cinemas, shopping centres, and so on, seemingly by coincidence.1 He has developed a relationship with her and they had become intimate. After he introduced her to us, he returned to Kuala Lumpur.

I knew that Ah Yoke has feelings not only for me, but also for the others as well.2 As far as I can tell, all of us – there were more than ten of us – had intimate relations with her. However, one of my friends did not idolise her to the same extent as the rest of us, as he felt that her body was very cold to the touch.3 4

Late one night, we encountered several apparitions at our factory quarters.5 6 There was an eerie atmosphere pervading the whole factory, and some of my friends saw dismembered torsos floating passed them. We were so frightened that we locked ourselves in a room, and not daring to make a sound.

The following day, some of my friends resigned, but the rest of us stayed on to work. This was partially because we do not believe in the existence of ghost and demons, but mainly because we could not bear to leave Ah Yoke, as she would come to accompany us every night.7 However, as the encounters with these apparitions persisted, even the most sceptical among us wanted to leave, and so I returned with them to Kuala Lumpur.

I could not forget Ah Yoke but constantly thought of her. One day, I decided that I have to go back to Singapore again. I was finally reunited with Ah Yoke and my feelings for her grew deeper with each passing day. Our passion knew no bounds, and we were virtually inseparable. The days passed.

One evening, we went to watch a movie together. As we pass the usher to enter the theatre, he asked me where my partner was as I passed to him two tickets. I could not understand why he failed to see Ah Yoke, who was just behind me. After the show, we went for supper. The stall attendant laid the table for one, and so I asked him, “there are two of us, so why have you prepared utensils for only one?” He mumbled something about me losing my mind, and that made me very puzzled.8

On another occasion, my three colleagues and I took turns to enjoy the pleasure of Ah Yoke’s company. Later, we discovered that there were droplets of blood on the floor, and wondered whether Ah Yoke was having her menstrual period, or whether we could have been poisoned.9 I decided to ask Ah Yoke for an explanation the next day when we meet.

The next evening, Ah Yoke arrived as usual. Even before I could ask her about the blood droplets, she seemed to have read my mind and said, “Ah Loy, do you believe that there are evil spirits?” I replied, “No, I don’t… unless I can actually see them myself”. She replied, “All right. Since you do not believe, I shall open your eyes!” She started to mumble something to herself.10 All of a sudden, she began to shrink smaller and smaller, until she was only about a foot in height.11 12 She demonstrated the same feat twice. I was bewildered initially, but after the bewilderment settled, I began to feel scared. However, I could not bring myself to accept what I have seen to be real. “How can a girl as lovable as Ah Yoke be an evil spirit”, I asked myself. Unfortunately, I was already under her influence and could not help myself.13

One day, some of my colleagues mischievously spied on Ah Yoke and I to see what we were up to. They were very surprised to see that I was hugging a can of paint, and not Ah Yoke in my arms. I was very puzzled when they told me, because what I was feeling then was the pleasure of the soft warm body of Ah Yoke.14 15 Later on, they told me that at times, Ah Yoke does not move like a normal person when she stands up, as she seemed extremely stiff and awkward – like a zombie.16 To my horror, one of them said that sometimes, I moved like Ah Yoke too, when I stand up.

However, I continued to go out with Ah Yoke on dates. I began to notice that whenever I wanted to bring Ah Yoke out on a date, she would refuse me when it was broad daylight, and remained indoors. She would only be willing to go out in the evenings, or when the sky was overcast and relatively dark.17

One morning, after Ah Yoke left my place, I followed her without her knowledge to see where she goes. All of a sudden, she disappeared into thin air and there was no trace of her. Although everything that transpired should point to the fact that Ah Yoke was an evil spirit, I could not bring myself to part with her.18

One day, I felt extremely unwell. A friend of mine spoke of a “Kuan Yin” medium that is very powerful, and so I went to look for this individual. The medium told me that I was running a very high fever and gave me some “holy” water to drink. However, my condition did not improve. I decided to return to Kuala Lumpur, but did not inform Ah Yoke of my intention to do so. No sooner had I sat down in the train with a sigh of relief, I saw Ah Yoke sitting directly opposite me. But as usual, I could not resist her charms nor break free from them, and so I took her with me to Kuala Lumpur.19 20 Along the way, I casually promised her that I would marry her and never leave her. Thinking back now, I had never intended to keep my promises.

After we arrived at Kuala Lumpur, we took a taxi back to my house in Sentul. Ah Yoke sat on the sofa in the living room while I went to greet my mother. She was cooking in the kitchen and upon seeing me, eagerly told me that my elder brother would be getting married soon. Foolishly I blurted out, “I too will be getting married!” My mother looked incredulously at me and asked, “Do you have a girlfriend?” I told her about Ah Yoke who was sitting in the living room, and she immediately walked out of the kitchen to have a look. She asked me whether I was joking or not. Apparently, she could not see Ah Yoke. Suddenly she looked nervously at me and said, “Ah Loy, don’t scare me! I think you must have either met with an evil spirit or had been overcome by an evil spell!”21 Personally, I do not think I was. From that day onwards, I grew thinner and thinner by the day.22 My family members noticed that all was not well with me and went to several temples to seek the deities’ intervention, but all were in vain. No matter whom they consulted – be they mediums or physicians – nothing could be done about my deteriorating health.23

The days passed and I became so emaciated that my weight became only a fraction of my original 130 pounds. Even my brothers and sisters could not bear to look at me for long, and were afraid to even come home. At the time, my uncle, Sai Kow, took leave from work to look after me. I must have been a great burden to him. I was totally unaware that my family was very worried for me.24 Every evening, Ah Yoke would come to accompany me. I have only joy in my heart for her and was oblivious to the fact that I was almost on the brink of death.

Mediums And Spiritualists Enter The Scene

The following account is related by Tuck Seng (Ah Loy’s brother) and I, Sai Kow (Ah Loy’s uncle).

One afternoon, Ah Loy’s elder brother and I were watching over Ah Loy when all of a sudden, he grabbed a pillow and tossed it from one hand to the other incessantly and erratically. I asked him, “Since you are feeling unwell, why not rest?” Ah Loy said that his grandfather and Lou Mm (both deceased) were sitting on either side of him, and they were the ones moving his hands.25 Ah Loy’s hands were indeed moving erratically. It continued on for another five minutes.

Ah Loy told us, “You need not bother to look for mediums and witch-doctors, unless you can find an individual who can communicate with them. Then I will be better off. Otherwise, I will suffer”.26

We discussed with the whole family on the course of action and decided to consult a spiritualist. We went to Sentul Market and found a place offering such services. After the spiritualist heard the whole story, she concluded that Ah Loy’s elder brother failed to offer a toast to his deceased grandfather during his Chinese ceremonial wedding earlier. This has therefore upset his deceased grandfather that resulted in his grandfather bringing a friend with him to demand compensation.27 The spiritualist advised that we hold a ceremonial dinner to make up for it. We followed her instructions, but there was no improvement whatsoever in Ah Loy’s condition.28

One evening, we managed to secure the services of a medium from Sentul. This medium came into the house, took a look at Ah Loy, and declared that Ah Loy had only two days to live! However, he said that he could heal Ah Loy. After he got into a trance, he held up a white napkin, spread it open in front of Ah Loy, and said, “If you can see whatever is on the napkin, you can be saved. If not, then there’s no hope!” Ah Loy said that he saw two, whereupon the medium declared, “I’ve already caught two; now there’s three left!”29 30

Later, I discovered that this medium is a drug addict. He had asked Ah Loy’s family for a ‘hong bao’ (red packet with money inside), insisting on the colour red. He also made a request for RM80, saying that this would be used to purchase offerings for the spirits so that they will leave Ah Loy.31

However, there was still no improvement in Ah Loy. I decided to invite a Taoist priest to take a look at Ah Loy. When the priest came, he merely stood at the doorway of Ah Loy’s room and look. Then, he started chanting and blew a horn several times. He sprinkled some water around the doorway to Ah Loy’s room. All these were done in a haphazard manner. After collecting his fee, he left. But Ah Loy showed no signs of improvement.

A few days later, we got hold of another Taoist priest. When this priest began chanting his prayers, we felt gusts of chill winds suddenly blowing around, and numerous ethereal images darted about. It was broad daylight outside the house, but inside, it was quiet and eerie. The priest suddenly dropped everything and left in a hurry.32 The money has been paid, but no results were forthcoming.

One day, Ah Loy’s elder brother, Tuck Meng, obtained an idol of the “Six-Horses Deity” and started to worship it. A week later, he managed to find a medium affiliated to this deity. The medium asked where the incident had taken place, and we said that it started in Singapore. He said we have to go back to Singapore to burn some offerings in order for the female spirit to leave Ah Loy.33 That evening, Tuck Meng and Tuck Seng went to Singapore accompanied by two other friends.

After they arrived in Singapore, they look up Ah Loy’s former roommates to find out where Ah Loy stayed. It turned out to be an address to an apartment flat at Telok Blangah. But no matter how hard they tried, they could not find their way into the place.34 They could only burn some offerings at the foot of the apartment block, after which, they returned to Kuala Lumpur. Ah Loy’s condition, however, had not improved.35

By then, the family had practically search for any known mediums and worshipped at various temples, but to no avail. Ah Loy showed no signs of recovery at all.

A Dangerous Attempt At Exorcism

The following incident took place during the period Sai Kow, Ah Loy’s uncle, was looking after Ah Loy.

One afternoon, I was having my usual afternoon tea when I met an old friend by the name of Lou Kwan. We spoke and I related to him the events surrounding Ah Loy. Low Kwan suggested a method for me to get rid of the evil spirit. He said, “Go and buy a black dog, get its blood, and splash it onto the demon’s head. At the same time, get a pair of black ladies underwear and pull them over the demon’s head. Any evil spirit will be frightened off!” 36

Upon returning to Ah Loy’s house, I immediately went up the stairs to Ah Loy’s room with the stuff in my hands. I noticed a pair of red high-heels shoes by the room. I have seen them many times, and questioned the family about them, but no one else has seen them.37 38 Then, I heard Ah Loy shouting, “Do you think that I am afraid! Just you try to throw the dog’s blood at me, and pull the black underwear over my head!” 39 What an aggressive spirit! I was so frightened that I dare not proceed further.

The next morning, I went for breakfast as usual. Lou Kwan was clearly waiting for me. When he saw me, he rushed over and enquired, “The method I told you; have you used it?” I told him that I have not, whereupon Lou Kwan breathed a sigh of relief. He revealed, “Last night in my dreams, I saw a female demon with long, disheveled hair. Her appearance was hideous, and she warned me”. The demon said, “I am taking into consideration the fact that you are an elderly. Otherwise, I would strangle you!” 40 41 42 He continued, “I was shocked into wide awake, and that was why I came here to wait for you. Even now, I am still terrified. I will never meddle with such affairs in the future!”

Sure enough, Lou Kwan never brought the subject up again.

A Glimmer Of Hope

The following account is related by Sai Kow (Ah Loy’s uncle)

One evening, I was having dinner with another one of Ah Loy’s uncles when we met a friend by the name of Ying Poh Wah. During the course of our conversation, he got to know of Ah Loy’s predicament and gave a suggestion, saying, “Recently, in Kepong, there is news of a Baitiangong Xian Sheng, Chew Choon Ming. You can go ask him for help; there might be hope. If he promises to come, he will definitely turn up”.43

Subsequently, Ah Loy’s family requested Ying Poh Wah to go to Kepong and beg Xian Sheng to help Ah Loy. Without hesitation, Xian Sheng promised to do so.

After Xian Sheng arrived, he sat in the living room and preached to Ah Loy’s family about Baitiangong, paying little heed to the question of healing Ah Loy.44 Everyone was very worried. After preaching to them, Xian Sheng entered Ah Loy’s room, and the two person who accompanying Xian Sheng burnt “kemayan” (incense) and smoked the entire house.45 Xian Sheng looked at Ah Loy for a short while, and left.

On an earlier occasion, the family came to know that their neighbours employed the services of a Sikh spiritualist, who was reputed to have celestial powers. They requested their neighbours to introduce this master to them. The spiritualist specified that he wanted a fee of one thousand Ringgit. When the time came, only a disciple arrived. He handed a pebble to Ah Loy, saying that this pebble could exorcise and provide protection from evil spirits with a whiff of its aroma. He then waited for his master to arrive. However, Ah Loy concealed the pebble, and the master himself could not find it!46

The next day, Xian Sheng came again. Before he proceeded to heal Ah Loy, he told him to remove all the charms he had in his possession. The family produced several charms and other objects, but Xian Sheng turned to Ah Loy and asked him for that pebble which he had concealed from the Sikh spiritualist earlier. Ah Loy obediently took the pebble out from his pocket.47 Xian Sheng told Ah Loy, “Look at the sky; I’ll teach you to recite The Prayer. If you can see a light, then you can be saved”.48 Ah Loy was about to go outside the house to pray to Tian Gong, when suddenly, a strange gust of wind blew past, and he was unable to step outside the house.49 Xian Sheng extended his hand as a support for Ah Loy and easily helped him outside.50 Ah Loy’s eyes looked glazed. Xian Sheng instructed him to kneel down and pray to Tian Gong, but Ah Loy refused. Xian Sheng nudged his leg lightly, and Ah Loy knelt down. As he was reciting The Prayer with Xian Sheng, he suddenly shouted, “I can see a light!” Xian Sheng said to Ah Loy, “You can be saved”. At that time, Ah Loy’s appearance was ghastly; even his own brothers and sisters dared not go near him. That evening, Xian Sheng and Ah Loy sat with us in the living room, chatting away, and Ah Loy was even able to smoke a cigarette.51 Xian Sheng left quite late that night.

The following day, Xian Sheng arrived and nudged Ah Loy to get up. Actually, Ah Loy could not have gotten up, as he has not eaten anything at all and was very weak. Strangely enough, when Ah Loy took Xian Sheng’s hand, it was as if a force has energised him, and he got out of bed at once and walked out into the living room.52 I thought to myself, “This master is really great!” Xian Sheng instructed us to bring food for Ah Loy, but we told Xian Sheng that Ah Loy could not eat anything. Xian Sheng said, “No! Bring something for him to eat”. To our surprise, Ah Loy was extremely accommodating and ate for Xian Sheng. Subsequently, whenever Xian Sheng was around, Ah Loy was able to eat, but in the former’s absence, Ah Loy would have no appetite whatsoever.53

A few days later, Xian Sheng came again. He saw that Ah Loy’s clothes were soiled, and asked Ah Loy whether he wanted a change of clothing. Ah Loy nodded, and Xian Sheng asked for fresh clothes for Ah Loy. I wanted to help Ah Loy to change, but Xian Sheng indicated that he wanted Ah Loy to do so himself. I was thinking, “Ah Loy is already so weak… How can he help himself?” Surprisingly, Ah Loy was indeed able to change into fresh clothing all by himself.54 On that day itself, Xian Sheng personally trimmed Ah Loy’s hair.

When night came, I saw to Xian Sheng’s departure. Since I first met Xian Sheng, I had always addressed Xian Sheng as “Sifu”. However, on that day, Xian Sheng told me not to address him in that manner anymore. He told me to call him “Xian Sheng”.55 He asked me if I know how to write the Chinese characters “Xian Sheng” and I indicated that I did. Xian Sheng asked. “The two characters, Xian Sheng, when you reverse their order, what do you have?” I immediately replied, “It is Sheng Xian”.56 Xian Sheng nodded, and said nothing else.

As we passed near a large tree, Xian Sheng stopped. He asked me, “There are two people sitting on top of the tree… Do you see them?” I said that I could not. Xian Sheng continued, “There are two people sitting at the foot of the tree. Do you see them?” I replied that I could not too.57 At that moment, I felt a tinge of fear. After Xian Sheng entered his car, I headed back to the house immediately. It was already passed midnight. Each time Xian Sheng came, he would stay until late at night before leaving.

One evening, Xian Sheng came to spend the night in Ah Loy’s house. The next morning, Xian Sheng told me, “If you happen to see or hear anything in the middle of the night, you need not be afraid, as my soul often comes here”.58

On another occasion, two of Ah Loy’s former colleagues returned from Singapore and paid him a visit. The family entertained them in the living room. Ah Loy’s room was located quite a distance from the living room, and from that room, it would not have been possible to know that anyone had arrived. But on that occasion, Ah Loy was heard calling out reprovingly from his room, “Even my friends from Singapore do not want to see me!” When his friends heard this, they were shocked. They could only stand at the doorway of Ah Loy’s room and take a quick look, after which they left hastily.59

The Confrontation Intensifies

The following account is related by Sai Kow (Ah Loy’s uncle) and Chiew Sow Chan (Ah Loy’s elder sister).

One afternoon, I was having tea at a nearby restaurant when Tuck Seng came running to me. He told me that Ah Loy, when in a fit, rushed towards the window panes, broke them and tried to stab his own abdomen with the shard of glasses.60 Fortunately, they acted quickly and were able to keep him under control, thereby preventing a tragedy from taking place.

When Xian Sheng arrived and heard of Ah Loy’s behaviour, he asked Ah Loy whether he still wanted to die, but Ah Loy indicated that he did not. He was very composed and quiet in Xian Sheng’s presence.61

At about the same time that Ah Loy was attempting to stab himself, his elder sister, Sow Chan, had gone to the “Kuan Yin” temple at 3 ½ miles, Ipoh Road to engage the services of a medium.62 This particular temple had a peculiar requirement – if the afflicted person did not come personally, then the person that came to the temple on his behalf has to bring along one of the former’s face towels, five bowls, five pairs of chopsticks, and light 72 joss-sticks. The medium would then use these items to perform the invocation.

When the medium entered into a trance, he spoke in a high-pitched voice, “You can burn all the offerings you want, but I do not require them. I only want Ah Loy’s person”. This medium also made known to us that this female spirit had committed suicide in Singapore, and that she came to this place by boat.

She also requested that she be given a live fish, one Kati (pound) of salt, and a packet of tea leaves, and that the whole lot be thrown into the sea. According to the medium, only then will she be able to leave. He then gave Sow Chan three pieces of charmed paper and instructed her to burn one piece, let Ah Loy wear another, and burn the last one for Ah Loy to ingest. His instructions were followed to the letter, but Ah Loy’s condition did not improve.63

Ah Loy’s father saw that Ah Loy was not getting any better, and requested a doctor to come to the house to examine Ah Loy. The doctor said that Ah Loy’s stomach was full of houseflies’ faeces, and suggested that Ah Loy go to his clinic for immediate treatment. He added that Ah Loy’s condition was very critical and that surgery would be imminent if his condition worsens.64

Not long after the doctor left, Xian Sheng came. Ah Loy’s father related what the doctor had told him. Xian Sheng said, “The contents of Ah Loy’s stomach are not what the doctor said they are”. Xian Sheng asked for a glass of plain water and said, “I want to let all of you know what is inside his stomach”. After Xian Sheng recited The Prayer into the glass of water, he let Ah Loy drink the water, and told Ah Loy’s father to observe closely. At the very next instant, Ah Loy spurted out a lot of blackish substance all over the bed. Xian Sheng asked, “Who let him ingest these charms?”65 66 67

Several days later, Ah Loy’s father told Xian Sheng that he wanted to send Ah Loy to the hospital. Xian Sheng said to him, “The son is yours; you have a choice. Besides, doctors are also created by Tian Gong”.68 Ah Loy was admitted to the Kuala Lumpur General Hospital, and Xian Sheng frequently came to see Ah Loy. The doctors at the hospital were unable to diagnose Ah Loy’s illness, and could only keep him sedated.69 However, Ah Loy’s condition worsened. He grew even thinner, and became terribly emaciated. His family was very desperate, as Ah Loy’s health had deteriorated so badly that his body look like a skeleton wrapped in skin, his teeth were bluish-black, his eyes were sunken into their sockets and his face had taken on a deathlike pallor. He is more like a corpse that a man.70

Salvation At Last

The following account is related by Sow Chan (Ah Loy’s elder sister), Sai Kow (Ah Loy’s uncle) and Tuck Mun@Tuck Soon (Ah Loy’s brother)

One morning, Ah Loy requested me (Sow Chan) to buy breakfast for him. He specified that he wanted five red-bean buns. I proceeded to Wong Peng Kay coffee shop near the hospital to take my breakfast and to buy the buns for Ah Loy. After I finished my breakfast and was about to make payment, the coffee shop attendant said that the five pieces of buns have already been paid for. I wondered to myself, “Strange… Who has paid for them?”71

Back at the hospital, I gave the buns to Ah Loy. All my family members present saw Ah Loy devoured the buns in a frenzy, and thought that he was about to die at any moment. After he gobbled down the fourth bun, I ask him, “Why are you eating so quickly?” He answered that he was not the one who ate, but that the buns were for Ah Yoke’s sisters. I did not dare to question him further.72

In the afternoon, Ah Loy suddenly stiffened, bunched up his muscles, gritted his teeth, and curled up tightly. We immediately rushed to find a doctor, while at the same time; Tuck Soon went to look for Xian Sheng.

When the doctor arrived, he forcibly tried to straighten Ah Loy’s limbs. At that moment, Xian Sheng walked in. He stopped the doctor at once and said, “This person is not dead yet; if you pull his limbs like that and his nerves break, what’s going to happen?” The doctor retorted, “Are you the doctor or am I the doctor?” Seeing that the doctor was adamant in continuing this course of action, Xian Sheng left him alone. Soon after, the doctor gave up trying to straighten Ah Loy’s limbs.73

Xian Sheng suggested to my father that Ah Loy be discharged from the hospital, but the doctor denied Ah Loy’s father’s request to discharge him. When Ah Loy’s father told Xian Sheng, he said, “Go ask again! This time, the doctor will consent”. Sure enough, the doctor allowed it.74

We helped Ah Loy into Tuck Soon’s taxi and left the hospital. Upon reaching home, they carried Ah Loy into his room and let him rest. Suddenly, Ah Loy groaned in agony. Xian Sheng drew a circle in the air above Ah Loy’s head. The next instant, Ah Loy seemed to be relieved by an invisible force.75 Xian Sheng said to me, “Now Ah Loy’s soul has already left his body and is struggling with the female spirits. If he listens to them, he will follow them. If you listen to a person, you will follow the person; if you listen to the saint, you will follow the saint; if you listen to the devil, then you will follow the devil”.

Xian Sheng sat beside Ah Loy’s bed and starts to meditate. After a while, we noticed that Xian Sheng’s whole body was enveloped in a reddish aura.76 As Ah Loy’s appearance was very unpleasant to behold, my family members and I left the room and what follows next is related by Sai Kow.

When Xian Sheng finished meditating, he instructed me to get a blanket and cover Ah Loy with it from head to toe. He then told me, “I will pinch his nose, when he opens his mouth, pour the wine into it”. He was referring to the spoonful of wine that had been prepared earlier on his instruction. Xian Sheng also said, “You must also ignore Ah Loy’s pleas and wrap the blanket tightly around him”.77 I pulled aside the part of the blanket covering his face and force fed him spoonfuls of wine into his mouth.78 After that, I clamped the blanket down on Ah Loy with all my might. Xian Sheng was sitting beside the bed, meditating.

It was all very tense and electrifying. Ah Loy behaved exactly as Xian Sheng said he would. He pleaded and pleaded, and shouted and screamed.79 He wanted something one moment and other things the next. I ignored him. This continued for quite some time, and I noticed Xian Sheng was perspiring80 and his face was glowing crimson. Eventually, it became so quiet that you could hear a pin drop. Xian Sheng got up and told me to pull aside the blanket and help Ah Loy to his feet. Xian Sheng said, “It’s all right now”. He also told Ah Loy to kneel down and pray to Tian Gong.

Ah Loy’s perspective

The following narrative is Ah Loy’s personal account of the events that took place at the hospital.

Late one night, four sisters arrive from Singapore.81 They said that they had come to be the bridesmaids as Ah Yoke was to become a bride soon.82 They even indicated that one came by train, one by taxi, and the other two by plane, and that all of them have passports.83 That following morning, Ah Yoke asked me to buy breakfast as a treat for them, and so I told my second-eldest sister, Sow Chan, to buy five buns for me. When she passed the buns to me, I distributed them to Ah Yoke’s sisters. However, according to my family members, I was the one who ate all the buns. Incredible!84


The following narrative by Sow Chan (Ah Loy’s elder sister) is not directly related to the main testimony.

At the General Hospital, there was a middle-aged patient in the bed opposite Ah Loy’s. He was married and had been in a coma for more than a month. He had reportedly gone hunting in a forest and encountered an evil spirit. According to his mother, she had gone to many mediums and temples for help, but to no avail. I requested Xian Sheng to help him.

Xian Sheng placed his hands on the man’s forehead and chest, reciting The Prayer silently. After about twenty minutes, the patient awoke from his coma. Both the mother and son were extremely grateful to Xian Sheng. I was indeed fortunate to have the opportunity of witnessing this miracle. Unfortunately, we lost contact soon after.85


Xian Sheng’s explanation to some Baitiangong brothers and sisters regarding Ah Loy’s case.

During the period I was healing Ah Loy, that female spirit had always avoided me. Finally, when Ah Loy was at death’s door, this spirit could not escape.86 During our “negotiations”87 she said, “I can’t be blamed for this state of affairs, as Ah Loy had promised me a great many things and even said that he would marry me”.88

I then said to her, “Now, I want to intervene in this matter. I don’t care who’s right and who’s wrong. I want you to leave Ah Loy. I can give you an opportunity to leave this earthly plane and go to Hell”.89 The female spirit promised to do so, but on one further condition – that I give her sisters an opportunity to go to Hell as well. I did not give my word. In the end, she has no choice but to accept my offer”.



  1. The frequency of these “chance meeting” between Ah Mun and Ah Yoke excludes the possibility of mere coincidence. It would seem that Ah Yoke had deliberately appeared to Ah Mun repeatedly in order to establish a process of familiarization between them – a preliminary stage in her plan to gain influence over Ah Mun. Fortunately for him, he was not drawn deeper into his relationship with Ah Yoke.
  2. It should have been obvious to Ah Loy that Ah Yoke was a woman with questionable morals, and he would have done well to have nothing further to do with her. Unfortunately he was drawn by his own lustful desires and continued the relationship.
  3. The sensation of “coldness” is a possible indication that Life Force Energy was being released and absorbed. If Ah Yoke was, in reality, a roaming soul, and her primary objective is to absorb Life Force Energy from her victims, then the sensation of coldness felt by one of the men is to be expected.
  4. But what about the rest of the men? Shouldn’t they have felt the coldness as well? Yes, but they might have been so engrossed in their sexual activities that they paid little attention to whether Ah Yoke’s body felt cold or not, especially when the opportunity for sexual recreation was practically handed to them on a silver platter. Alternatively, Ah Yoke may have absorbed relatively less Life Force Energy from them than from that particular man, especially if his vibrational frequency was more compatible with hers at the time. Another possibility is that this man had low opinion of Ah Yoke due to her promiscuity, and therefore was less likely to be affected by her charms, enabling him to partially perceive her true nature.
  5. It is possible that these are other roaming souls trying to materialise before Ah Loy and his colleagues. They might have been encouraged by Ah Yoke’s success in managing to entrap Ah Loy and the others, and so attempted to follow suit. Obviously, they were not successful.
  6. Another interesting possibility is that these apparitions could have been inhabitants of another earthly dimensions, and not roaming souls. Perhaps Ah Loy’s and his colleague’s vibrational frequencies were drastically affected by Ah Yoke’s absorption of their Life Force Energy that they were partially attuned to the frequencies of another dimension.
  7. Their reluctance to leave indicates the extent to which they were under Ah Yoke’s influence. Even when Ah Loy was back in Kuala Lumpur, he was already considering the possibility of a reunion. Her charms and graces must have been quite exceptional.
  8. The fact that both the stall attendant and the usher could not see Ah Yoke indicates that she was no ordinary girl. Apparently, they were unable to see Ah Yoke as their vibrational frequencies were not identical to hers. Here, it must be questioned whether Ah Yoke could have materialized to them if she had wanted to. It is unlikely that she could have done so as she surely would have preferred to be seen, as this would eliminate the risk of the stall attendant and the usher asking Ah Loy some embarrassing questions.
  9. The pressing question here is; whose blood was it – Ah Yoke’s, or the men’s? It seems unlikely that a roaming soul or evil spirit would have menstrual periods. Moreover if the blood came about due to Ah Yoke’s menstrual flow, then Ah Loy and his friends would probably have been aware of it as they were all intimate with her. Was it the men’s then? Note that they were puzzled as to how the blood came about. It could not, therefore, have flowed from any wounds or cuts on their bodies, as they would surely have noticed them. Where, then, did the blood come from? The answer, it would seem, lies in the process of spiritual vampirism. When a roaming soul absorbs Life Force Energy, is there a limit to the amount it can absorb at any one time? It’s quite probably. If that is so, then the roaming soul must have eject any excess Life Force Energy. This is analogous to pouring water into a full glass – inevitably, it overflows. Apparently, Ah Yoke had, in her greediness, absorbed more Life Force Energy than she could hold, and had no choice but to release the excess in the form of blood. Note that blood itself is Life Force Energy, albeit in liquid form.
  10. It appears that Ah Yoke was performing an incantation that would enable her to reduce her size, But this begs the question, are roaming souls able to practice witchcraft? We know that some people become roaming souls after death by virtue of the fact that they had dabbled in sorcery, witchcraft, voodoo, and the likes. Such individuals face the prospect of being used and manipulated by evil forces after death, especially those who enter into pacts with Satan. Quite possibly, Ah Yoke was one such individual. If that is true, then her knowledge of the Black Arts and her ability to perform such a feat is hardly surprising.
  11. But why did she expose her true nature to Ah Loy? Perhaps she was hoping that Ah Loy would accept her for what she really was, thereby facilitating even easier absorption of his Life Force Energy. She might also have wanted to see how far she had succeeded in gaining Ah Loy’s complete acceptance. If Ah Loy had rejected her upon discovering her true nature, then she would have had to leave him, as ordained by the Divine Law of Nature. Unfortunately, Ah Loy refused to accept reality and fell even further into her clutches.
  12. Ah Yoke’s ability to reduce her size could have been augmented by the Life Force Energy which she had absorbed from Ah Loy and his friends. Here, we are also reminded of the “elasticity” of the soul, as compared to the rigid human body.
  13. Evidently, Ah Yoke has already secured a strong hold over Ah Loy. It would surely have taken a great deal of discipline and determination to break free.
  14. Apparently, Ah Loy was under the impression that he was hugging Ah Yoke. His inability to differentiate between a can of paint and a physical body serves to indicate the extent to which his mind had been won over by Ah Yoke. In his obsessive passion, he was probably oblivious to everything else.
  15. Could Ah Yoke have influenced Ah Loy to grab hold of the container? If so, why? Perhaps she wanted Ah Loy to hold the can in order to give him the impression that he was holding something solid, especially if she was unable to materialize fully at the time.
  16. Ah Yoke’s “stiffness” is an indication that she does not possess all the essential constituents of a normal human. She might have been lacking in positive vibrations, for instance. If that were so, she would certainly have found it difficult at times to have the suppleness of a healthy body. Note that Ah Loy, too, got up in the same manner, and this is hardly surprising when we consider that Ah Yoke could already have absorbed a considerable amount of Life Force Energy from him. It is also possible that Ah Yoke had already gained partial possession of Ah Loy’s body, and was trying to exercise control over it.
  17. It is commonly believed that evil spirits and demons only appear at night and disappear into their hiding places at dawn, presumably because they are afraid of the sun’s rays. Such a conception is not far from the truth, but the actual reason for this behaviour goes further. According to Xian Sheng, these roaming souls chose not to venture out into the open during the day if they can help it, so as not to risk having their “physical” appearance altered. It must be remembered that Ah Loy was able to see Ah Yoke simply because both their vibrational frequencies are exactly compatible. Given the enormous intensity of the sun’s rays – which are themselves energy vibrations – there is the likelihood that Ah Yoke’s vibrational frequency could be altered through exposure to strong sunlight, thereby making it difficult for her to materialize fully.
  18. Ah Yoke’s sudden disappearance suggests that Ah Yoke was a spiritual entity which apparently have the ability to disappear at will. In spite of this, Ah Loy refused to give serious thought to the question of who she really was. Evidently, he was unable to break the influence Ah Yoke had over him.
  19. The medium’s remedial measures were proven to be useless as Ah Loy did not recover. Note that he could not shake off Ah Yoke in spite of the fact that he did not reveal to her his intention to return to Kuala Lumpur. Indeed, it would seem that Ah Yoke had been following Ah Loy wherever he goes, even when she was not visible to him. If that is so, then it is hardly surprising that she knew of Ah Loy’s plan to leave Singapore without her knowledge.
  20. Ah Loy’s attempt to leave Singapore is an indication that he had not been won over completely by Ah Yoke and therefore still retained a small measure of control over himself. Unfortunately for him, he failed to outwit Ah Yoke.
  21. Apparently, Ah Loy’s mother was unable to see Ah Yoke as their respective vibrational frequencies were not identical. It is unlikely that Ah Yoke chose to remain unseen. Indeed, she would surely have preferred to be visible to Ah Loy’s mother, especially since this would most certainly help her gain Ah Loy’s full and unreserved acceptance.
  22. His condition is evidence of a severe loss of Life Force Energy, which is essential for human survival. This demonstrates the horrifying effects of spiritual vampirism on the human body.
  23. The worshiping of deities and consultation of mediums proved to be of little use as Ah Loy’s condition did not improve. His family must have been quite desperate at the time and were obviously willing to pursue all possible means of helping him. Such desperation, however, often blinds one to the fact that there are those who seek to exploit such situations to their own benefits.
  24. Ah Loy was obviously not in full possession of his mental faculties at the time. Apparently, Ah Yoke had succeeded in getting Ah Loy to direct all his emotions and therefore Life Force Energy towards her, to the exclusion of all others.
  25. The first question that comes to mind is whether Ah Loy’s grandfather and Lou Mm were roaming souls. We are not told how they died or their early lives. In the absence of such knowledge, it is more probable that Ah Loy was, in his disordered state of mind, hallucinating. He might long have harboured the idea that his deceased relatives would come back to visit the living, as is popular among the Chinese. If that were true, then what he saw was probably generated by the depths of his own sub consciousness.
  26. Were these really Ah Loy’s own words, or was he influenced by Ah Yoke? A closer examination of what was said seems to suggest that Ah Yoke was speaking through Ah Loy. Firstly, the speaker knew that consulting the mediums and the like was fruitless. Ah Loy would not possess such knowledge of the capabilities of mediums. Ah Yoke, on the other hand, was obviously an inhabitant of the spiritual dimension, and would certainly possess knowledge of the occult. Secondly, the speaker indicated the possibility of someone who could “communicate with them”. Here again, it is hardly to be expected that Ah Loy would be aware of the existence of such an individual without being somehow informed of the fact. Also, the word “communicate” here seems to indicate a “spiritual” communication, as opposed to a physical one. Any normal individual can communicate with a physical person, but it would take exceptional ability to communicate with a spiritual entity. It is possible that Ah Loy spoke on his own volition. He might have been dimly aware that his family’s repeated attempts to help him had met with failure, and that it would be futile for them to continue employing charlatans and con-artist, and that his only hope lies in finding an individual who genuinely possess the ability to help him. Nevertheless, the greater likelihood here is that Ah Loy’s words were influenced by Ah Yoke.
  27. One gets the impression that Ah Loy was made to suffer for his elder brother’s negligence – a most inequitable state of affairs! Moreover, it seems ridiculous that Ah Loy’s grandfather, having either unfairly or mistakenly decided to vent his anger on the wrong person, would be allowed to return and torment Ah Loy. Surely the spiritualist could have come up with a less flimsy diagnosis than that!
  28. This clearly shows that the spiritualist’s advice was misleading, and serves to expose her “theory” regarding Ah Loy’s grandfather as being nothing more than a figment of her imagination.
  29. This medium obviously staged a hoax in order to profit from Ah Loy’s predicament. This was revealed by the lack of improvement in Ah Loy’s condition. Furthermore, the medium had contradicted himself when he said, “If not, then there’s no hope!”
  30. One is tempted to ask, why did Ah Loy say that he saw two? This may be easily explained. Note that the medium held a napkin in front of Ah Loy, asking him if he could see what was on it. The medium could have sketched two figures on the napkin, perhaps too small or too faint to be noticeable from far. Ah Loy, however, must have been quite near to the napkin at the time, and therefore could certainly have seen whatever that was drawn there. We can say with certainty that the medium did not pass the napkin around for the others to see. Another possibility is that this particular medium actually practice witchcraft, and could have made use of a certain evil spirits known as “little demons” causing them to appear before Ah Loy. It must be remembered that evil spells can be effective if the practitioner is well versed in the occult, and such a possibility cannot therefore be excluded.
  31. The medium’s request for RM80 was apparently motivated by his addictions to drugs; it is therefore not difficult to imagine how he intended to spend the money! Furthermore, it must be questioned whether the family actually saw him burning the offerings which were supposed to be bought with the money.
  32. The sudden change in the room’s atmosphere indicates that a spiritual force was present. Ah Yoke was probably trying to harass the priest and frighten him off. She could even have been trying to attack him, angered by his audacity in attempting to exorcise her. Apparently, she failed to harm him physically, probably because she was unable to materialise fully to him at the time. Nevertheless, the priest turned out to be nothing more than a charlatan, and a cowardly one too!
  33. It is apparent that the medium gave the safest diagnosis he could think of. From the account given, it appears that the medium did not suggest any comprehensive remedial measures for Ah Loy to take. Perhaps he did not want to commit himself further, knowing full well that he was not in the least qualified to advise on cases of this nature.
  34. Why were they prevented from entering? Is Ah Yoke deliberately preventing them from discovering something in the flat? Perhaps. It is apparent, however, that this was an attempt to discourage them from meddling in Ah Loy’s case.
  35. The burning of offerings proved to be useless as Ah Loy did not recover. It must be noted, at this point, that Ah Loy’s illness have strained his family’s financial resources, and without any improvement to Ah Loy’s condition.
  36. Low Kwan’s method of exorcism turned out to be nothing but a quack formula. It is obvious that he knew nothing of the Black Arts, and knew all of this procedure through hearsay.
  37. Could this pair of shoes belonged to Ah Yoke? It is possibly. If Sai Kow’s vibrational frequency was at par with hers at that time, then he could certainly see her shoes. But why didn’t he see her? Perhaps she was with Ah Loy in his room; from the account given, it is clear that Sai Kow did not enter Ah Loy’s room on that occasion.
  38. Why did Ah Yoke took off her shoes? According to Xian Sheng, it is quite possible that this was part of her normal routine during her earthly life, i.e., she could have the habit of taking off her shoes before entering a room – a norm in Chinese culture in Malaysia and Singapore. Having once been a human, it is to be expected that she would behave in a similar manner.
  39. Was Ah Loy speaking on his own violation, or was Ah Yoke speaking through him? It is most probably Ah Yoke as the black dog’s blood and the ladies underwear were directed at her. Moreover Ah Loy was not present during the conversation between Sai Kow and Lou Kwan, and therefore could not have known of Sai Kow’s intentions. Ah Yoke, on the other hand, could have known about this, and it is obvious that she did know, as evidenced by what Sai Kow heard.
  40. Was this demon Ah Yoke? Probably. Lou Kwan’s would have certainly irritated her with his meddling and decided to teach him a lesson. It is clear what Lou Kwan saw appeared to be very real as he was “still terrified” even after some time.
  41. Yet, Ah Loy saw her as a very pretty girl. Is this evidence of Ah Yoke’s true nature, namely, a gruesome entity? Apparently, Ah Yoke’s beauty was only a facade.
  42. Could Ah Yoke have carried out her threat to strangle Lou Kwan? Such a possibility cannot be excluded. If he could see her, then it must mean that his vibrational frequency was at least almost identical to hers at the time. She might therefore have been able to use spiritual energy to “strangle” Lou Kwan. On the other hand, it is also possible that there was actually no exact parity between her vibrational frequency and Lou Kwan’s, and that she was only able to threaten, hoping to put fear into Lou Kwan. In any event, one fact remained clear – Lou Kwan had placed his own life in jeopardy by meddling in matters he knew nothing about.
  43. Unlike all the others, Xian Sheng never asked for any fees for helping Ah Loy. Rather, he hoped that the people whom he healed would pray to Tian Gong sincerely, and that is all he asks for. A genuine Disciple of GOD would never demean his spiritual powers by placing a price on them!
  44. This serves to show that Xian Sheng attaches primary importance to saving souls through the use of analytical mind and logical thinking. Hence, preaching commands the highest priority. Here, Xian Sheng was not in the least bothered by the apparent difficulties of Ah Loy’s case – an indication of the tremendous spiritual power at his disposal.
  45. “Kemayan” is bound to facilitate the propagation of positive vibration energies. The smoke of the Kemayan serves as excellent transport for these positive vibrations to spread far and wide, thereby informing the evil spirits to stay away.
  46. Here the Sikh master’s incompetence was exposed by Ah Loy, or was it Ah Yoke concealment of the pebble. So much for his “celestial powers!” Unfortunately, such unscrupulous individuals often manage to take advantage of the ignorance of many desperate people.
  47. Note that Xian Sheng was not present when the Sikh spiritualist’s disciple gave the pebble to Ah Loy. How did he know that Ah Loy had it with him? This is another indication that Xian Sheng possesses an extraordinary sense of perception by virtue of his exalted spiritual status.
  48. What could this light have been? Xian Sheng revealed that it was Ah Loy’s own personal light – a part of his aura, in fact. There was a strong likelihood of Ah Loy being saved if the light was still there. Here, the word “saved” apparently means salvation from “death”, not from the evil spirit; the spirit would hardly pose any problem to Xian Sheng. Rather, the question here is whether Ah Loy’s time was up. If it has been GOD’s will that he dies, then he would have to go.
  49. It is likely that Ah Yoke was trying to prevent Ah Loy from going outside. She must have been aware that if Ah Loy began praying to GOD, her hold over him would be weakened considerably, and it is therefore to be expected that she would try her very best to stop that from happening.
  50. Note that when Xian Sheng extended his hands to help, Ah Loy was able to proceed with ease. Apparently, Xian Sheng’s spiritual energy had nullified Ah Yoke’s efforts at stopping Ah Loy.
  51. Ah Loy’s sudden recovery at that moment was nothing short of miraculous! The seemingly formidable Ah Yoke was rendered impotent in Xian Sheng’s presence, and this itself demonstrates the nature of Xian Sheng’s power.
  52. Apparently Xian Sheng had released some spiritual energy to energise Ah Loy’s weakened body, thereby enabling him to get up.
  53. Ah Loy’s loss of appetite was non-existence in the presence of Xian Sheng – another indication of his powerful spiritual influence. During Xian Sheng’s absence, Ah Yoke might have returned to consolidate her influence over Ah Loy, thereby resulting in his loss of appetite. He might have been too preoccupied with Ah Yoke to even think of eating.
  54. Xian Sheng’s insistence that Ah Loy change into fresh clothes by himself shows that Xian Sheng wanted him to summon enough determination to overcome the ill-effects of his condition. Apparently, he wanted Ah Loy to help himself and have the will to live.
  55. In common usage, “Sifu” denotes one who practices and teaches martial arts or oriental medicine. “Xian Sheng” simply means “teacher” and is clearly more appropriate as a form of addressing a spiritual leader. A “Sifu” is necessarily a teacher, but a teacher need not necessarily be a “Sifu”. The difference lies in the function.
  56. “Sheng Xian” The character “Sheng” means, among other things, “existence of life”. The character “Xian” denotes earlier, before, first, or in advance. Together, these two characters could be taken to mean that Xian Sheng, in his original form, had existed very much earlier that human beings. Xian Sheng has revealed that he comes from a place called “The Plane of Nothing”, a domain of existence beyond the edge of the Universe. According to Xian Sheng, Nothing was created before the material Universe came into being, and he and the others like himself were therefore in existence long before we were. Sai Kow could have been wondering how anyone could possess such miraculous powers, and Xian Sheng might therefore have been imparting a subtle message to Sai Kow regarding his true nature.
  57. It is possible that these were roaming souls. They might even have been Ah Yoke’s companions, and were probably waiting for Xian Sheng to leave the vicinity of Ah Loy’s house. The fact that Xian Sheng was able to see them demonstrated once again that he can perceive the spiritual world as well as the physical.
  58. This is a reference to Xian Sheng’s astral visits. In his original form, Xian Sheng often visits the homes of Baitiangong followers as well as other spiritual planes or dimensions. His ability to project his soul-self towards any destination is certainly characteristic of a true Disciple of GOD.
  59. Ah Loy’s enhanced sense of perception is evidence that Ah Yoke, in Xian Sheng’s absence, has returned to continue feeding on his Life Force Energy. It is quite possible that she had informed him of his friend’s visit.
  60. What was the reason for Ah Loy’s strange behaviour? It is possible that Ah Yoke manipulated Ah Loy to try to take his own life, hoping perhaps to take possession of his body after his soul had left. She might even have thought that Ah Loy’s soul would be with her eternally upon his physical death! Another possible explanation is that Ah Loy was momentarily aware of what was happening to him and had deliberately tried to kill himself in order to put an end to his plight.
  61. His desire to live is an indication that, in spite of his condition, Ah Loy still retained a measure of control over his mental faculties. Note that Xian Sheng’s presence had a calming effect on Ah Loy.
  62. Sow Chan’s course of action in going to the temple was deeply rooted in the traditional belief that mediums can solve anything, despite the various failed effort. Obviously, she did not place much faith in Xian Sheng’s ability to heal Ah Loy.
  63. It would appear that the medium was play-acting and trying to give the impression that a female spirit was communicating through him. Indeed, the fact that there was subsequently no improvement in Ah Loy’s condition proves that he was a fraud. It is possible, however, that Ah Yoke had entered his body whilst he was in a trance and spoke through him. If what Sow Chan heard were true — that Ah Yoke had committed suicide — then this would confirm what Xian Sheng told us that those who commits suicide become roaming souls.
  64. How can this doctor determine that Ah Loy’s stomach contained houseflies’ faeces without having the proper tools at hand? Indeed, one wonders whether the doctor in question is genuinely qualified, and his professionalism is certainly open to question based on his diagnosis. It is quite possible that he was taking advantage of their ignorance and conjured up a strange malady in order to get Ah Loy admitted into his clinic.
  65. Note that Xian Sheng was proven correct when he said that Ah Loy’s stomach did not contain houseflies’ faeces. He was even able to identify the substances as the charms accumulated in Ah Loy’s stomach that he had ingested over a period of time. This shows that Xian Sheng had profound knowledge of Ah Loy’s condition.
  66. The glass of water was apparently blessed by Xian Sheng and induced Ah Loy to vomit.
  67. The ill-effects of introducing charms and other similar items into the human body are nowhere illustrated more clearly than in this present case. One wonders what would have befallen Ah Loy if he continued to ingest more paper charms as our stomach do not have the enzymes to digest the cellulose in paper. The paper charms were apparently accumulating in his stomach as his bowels failed to dispense with them.
  68. It would appear that Ah Loy’s father did not place complete trust in Xian Sheng’s healing abilities. Nevertheless, Xian Sheng has often advised us to consult genuinely-qualified physicians instead of searching out mediums and quack doctors.
  69. The fact that the hospital physicians were unable to diagnose Ah Loy’s condition indicates Ah Loy medical condition is related to Spiritual Vampirism, and apparently beyond the capabilities of known medical science.
  70. The description given of Ah Loy’s appearance serves to remind us of the hazards of falling trap to Spiritual Vampirism. It is no laughing matter to be a living corpse!
  71. Who paid for the buns? Could it be possible that Ah Yoke actually appeared to the vendor and paid him? If so, where did she get the money? Xian Sheng revealed that the Divine Law of Nature allows a roaming soul to use money to buy what they want. This money is not earned; it simply becomes available whenever they need it. And to the person receiving the money, it is as real as any other transaction with normal human beings. But take note that in order for such a transaction to take place between a roaming soul and a human being, both their vibrational frequencies must correspond exactly.
  72. Ah Loy appeared to have a voracious appetite that morning. Was this a result of his hunger or Ah Yoke’s and her sisters’? Note that a roaming soul cannot nourish themselves with food and drink. Even if she actually possesses a physical body and swallows some food, her hunger does not diminish in the least. This is a consequence of the mode of suffering imposed upon her through the Divine Law of Nature.
  73. The doctor foolishly try to straighten Ah Loy’s limbs even after being warned by Xian Sheng of the possible consequences of his actions. Nonetheless, he gave up eventually. Apparently, Xian Sheng knew that such treatment through physical force would be futile and might even be injurious to Ah Loy.
  74. Xian Sheng was able to foresee that the doctor would grant a discharge in spite of the latter’s initial objections. Could it be that Xian Sheng had somehow influenced the doctor to release Ah Loy from the hospital? It is also possible that the doctor simply changed his mind, and that Xian Sheng was aware of the fact.
  75. Apparently, this was a spiritual gesture causing a release of energy towards Ah Loy, and this helped Ah Loy to calm down by revitalising him. From the account given, it is also possible that Xian Sheng had invoked Ah Loy’s soul to leave his body temporarily.
  76. This is an indication that a tremendous spiritual force existed within his body. We are made even more aware of Xian Sheng’s spiritual capabilities when we consider the number of miracles he has performed over the years.
  77. It was thought at first that the blanket was used to restrain Ah Loy should he become violent. However, Xian Sheng later revealed that it was for the purpose of immersing the spirit in darkness. When a roaming soul possesses a person’s body, she will perceive her environment through the victim’s eyes. Having once been human, she may have a fear of not being able to see anything, as do most people. Hence, it would be much easier to “negotiate’” with her under these circumstances.
  78. This wine used to intoxicate Ah Loy to a certain extent so as to weaken Ah Yoke’s hold over him. According to Xian Sheng, a roaming soul will find it very difficult, if not impossible, to exercise control over a person whose mind is rendered unconscious or even semi-conscious.
  79. Xian Sheng had expected such a reaction from Ah Loy. Apparently, Ah Yoke had gained possession of Ah Loy’s body and was protesting as she knew that Ah Loy was slipping from her grasp, and that she was unable to do anything about it.
  80. This does not necessarily mean that Xian Sheng was having difficulty in dealing with Ah Yoke. He was probably perspiring due to the heat in the room at the time. Also, the considerable time taken to deal with Ah Yoke should not be interpreted to mean that Xian Sheng could not overcome Ah Yoke easily. He was meditating when Ah Loy was struggling in bed; it is therefore obvious that Xian Sheng’s spiritual self was involved. It must be remembered that time varies from one dimension to another; Xian Sheng was obviously dealing with Ah Yoke in a dimension separate from our earthly one, and it is therefore to be expected that there would be a time lapse between both planes. To us, Xian Sheng may have taken quite some time to settle the matter, but it might, in reality, have been only a matter of minutes or even seconds in that dimension.
  81. This does not necessarily mean that they shared a common parentage. Roaming souls may eventually come across one another and group together to seek comfort in each other’s company.
  82. These roaming souls were obviously under the impression that Ah Yoke could be married to Ah Loy. By the Divine Law of Nature, this is not possible. She would never be able to unite with Ah Loy in matrimony – neither with his body, nor his soul.
  83. This would show that these roaming souls have access to the various modes of transport. But how did they manage to get passports? Perhaps these passports were made available to them as and when required — just like money. Note that such a facility is not available to every roaming soul, but only to those who have been suffering for very long periods of time.
  84. As far as Ah Loy was concerned, the sisters had eaten the buns, but it turned out that he had eaten them all! Could it be that Ah Loy was given the impression that they were eating? It is quite possible that they had seized control of Ah Loy’s body and used it to attempt to devour the buns. Ah Loy’s frenzied eating reminds us of the fact that roaming souls have to spend thousands – perhaps even millions – of years without nourishment, as ordained by the Divine Law of Nature.
  85. This supplementary case is only one of numerous occasions where various individuals went their separate ways after been healed by Xian Sheng. Some of them were obviously not in the least interested in what he has to say about Baitiangong, and were only hoping to benefit from his miraculous powers of healing. Of course, it is also possible that, in the present case, those who witnessed the patient’s sudden recovery failed to record his particulars and keep in touch with him, or even provide him with a means of contacting Xian Sheng or his followers. In any event, an opportunity for saving yet another soul has slipped by. How very unfortunate!
  86. This does not necessarily imply that Xian Sheng was unable to apprehend her earlier. Rather, he may have wanted to see whether Ah Yoke would leave Ah Loy voluntarily. Apparently, Xian Sheng forced the issue when it became clear that she was determined to gain possession of Ah Loy.
  87. It must be realised that Ah Yoke was actually in no position to bargain with Xian Sheng. He could easily have forced her to leave Ah Loy without any discussion of terms if he had wanted to. However, due to his sense of compassion and profound understanding of the miserable conditions under which a roaming soul must live, he offered to place her in a relatively better environment, in hell, in return for her to leave Ah Loy alone.
  88. Yes and no. It was, of course, Ah Loy’s fault that such misfortunes had befallen him; he was evidently too promiscuous and probably deserved what he got! On the other hand, Ah Yoke cannot be said to have been an innocent party to the situation, as she had intended to entrap him in the first place.
  89. Xian Sheng’s offer of a place in Hell demonstrates that he has, by virtue of his exalted spiritual status, the authority to bring souls from one spiritual plane to another. Ah Yoke was indeed fortunate to have encountered Xian Sheng; she was at last able to leave the confines of her earthly plane of punishment and go to one where the opportunity for reincarnation is greater. Note that countless souls have reincarnated from Hell, but very few have reincarnated directly from the dimensions of roaming souls. This is because, by the Divine Law of Nature, a roaming soul must first suffer in Hell before being given the opportunity to be reincarnated as a human being, unless GOD decides otherwise. Note that Xian Sheng apparently refused to allow Ah Yoke’s sisters to leave their plane of suffering; perhaps Xian Sheng did not want to disrupt the natural order of things too much, especially since these other roaming souls have relatively little to do with Ah Loy.