The Vicious Cycle of Reincarnation

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The Vicious Cycle of Reincarnation


The Vicious Cycle of Reincarnation is a term in Baitiangong that describes how the soul is trapped in a repetitive cycle of birth, physical death, suffering in Hell and rebirth again. The popular belief that the soul undergoes reincarnation to experience life or to improve from previous lives or karma is not true. The soul goes through the reincarnation cycle because it fails to pass its examination in life. Before a soul is reborn again, it will have to suffer punishment in Hell for any sins committed. Sometimes, a soul is reincarnated immediately. Our soul does not have the privilege to choose who and where to reincarnate. Our soul may reincarnate on Earth or another world, as a male or female, healthy or handicap, rich or poor, in any skin colour or most importantly, into a family that prays to the CREATOR or not. Regardless, he or she will not remember their previous lives. They will also not carry the burden or sins from their previous life, as they will start out on a clean slate. However, they may undergo the examination that they failed in past lives.

Past life regression is a technique that is able to bring out previous lives experiences from our subconscious mind as our soul retains all its memories. Similarly, our soul will keep track of all the good and bad deeds we committed in our life, and we will be judged accordingly upon death. The CREATOR does not need to judge us. We can only leave The Vicious Cycle of Reincarnation to go to Heaven if we pray to the CREATOR and practice the Spiritual Guidelines.


Heaven is a spiritual plane that all the souls that passed their examination in life go and become saints. It is a place of perpetual happiness, peace and pleasure. Heaven is limitless. It does not have a top or a bottom. If we follow the Spiritual Guidelines and we pray to the CREATOR with our mind, body and soul, we fear nothing except the CREATOR, we practice to become a Whole Man, we perform fasting consistently and preach Baitiangong to others, our soul could go to the higher planes in Heaven.


Hell is a spiritual plane for those that failed their examination in life. Praying to the CREATOR is only a passport to Heaven, as going to Heaven requires that we gain positive points in our life’s examination. However, if a follower commits more sin than doing good deeds, he or she will still have to suffer in Hell for those sins, regardless whether he or she prays to the CREATOR or not.


Limbo is a plane where a person that has done more good deeds than sin in life goes to if they did not pray to the CREATOR. Limbo is a plane for the soul to realise the existence of the CREATOR, accept the CREATOR and pray to the CREATOR. If the soul is able to do that, then it will go to Heaven. Otherwise, the soul will be reincarnated again. This Earth plane could be your limbo and all you have to do is to pray to the CREATOR.

Plane of Earth

Roaming Souls or more popularly called ghosts occupies spiritual dimensions known as the Earth Plane on our planet and therefore, cannot be seen by us. However, some people can see roaming souls, as their eyesight’s vibration frequency is compatible with them. Roaming souls have committed a serious sin by ending their examination in life by committing suicide that they do not deserve to go to Hell immediately. They are left on the Earth plane to suffer for thousands of years. People who died, but are so full of hatred to the extent of taking revenge upon their deaths are also doomed to be roaming souls. Eventually, after very long periods of suffering on the Earth plane, they will be able to go to Hell for further punishment for their sins in their lifetime.