Background on Xian Sheng


  • Anglo-Chinese School (1945-1951 ACS Klang, 1952-1955 ACS Ipoh)
    • Oversea School Certificate 1955
    • Pass – English Language, Geography, English Literature
    • Credit – Mathematics, Art
    • Third Division Certificate
  • Day Training College, KL (1958-1960)
    • Kementerian Pelajaran Malaysia (Ministry of Education)
    • Sijil Guru (Teacher Certification)
  • Further Education Class
    • Higher School Certificate
  • Technical College, KL (1961-1962)
    • General Paper 6/7 & 4, History 7/7, Econ & Public Affairs 4/6, Art 7/6
  • University Malaya, KL (Sponsored by Government)
    • (May 1969-June 1970)
    • Diploma in Public Administration
  • Ten One – Unit (Post Graduate) Courses:
  1. Theory and Practice of Public Administration
  2. Applied Development Economics
  3. Constitutional and Administrative Law
  4. Inter – Governmental Relation in a Federal System
  5. Development Planning and Implementation
  6. Financial Management in the Public Sector
  7. Administrative Management and Analysis – Personnel Management
  8. Project Paper
  9. Political Theory and Political Behaviour
  10. Computer Science and System Analysis


Sijil Penghargaan (Certificate of Appreciation)

Mr. Chew Choon Ming received the Sijil Penghargaan (Certificate of Appreciation) from DYMM Yang Di-Pertuan Agong on 31 August 1969 for courage shown during the race riots of 13 May 1969.

Xian Sheng single-handedly prevented the massacre of many Malay families, including the Head Master of S.K.Pengkalan Tentera Darat Sg. Besi from a group of parang (machete) armed group.

Certificate of Appreciation from the King

Certificate of Appreciation from the King


Outstanding Service Medal Class One, National Union of College Trained Teachers, Peninsular Malaysia

Letter from En. Abd Karim expressing his gratitude to Mr. Chew Choon Ming

The following letter in the Malay language was written by Mr. Abd. Karim b. Abdullah, the headmaster of S.K.Pengkalan Tentera Darat Sg. Besi. The translation is as follows:

I have known Mr. Chew Choon Ming for the past 15 years. When I was living in Kepong Baru, a catastrophe took place during the race riots of 13 May 1969. On that night, a lorry carrying a large crowd of Chinese people stopped in front of my house with the intention of killing us and subsequently all the Malay families in Kepong Baru. I am thankful to GOD because on that night, Mr. Chew Choon Ming was on duty as the Chairman of Vigilante Corps, and he strongly protested against their intentions and prevented them from disturbing us. We are thankful to Mr. Chew and on the following morning, we were temporarily relocated to Kepong Police Station for our protection.

Mr. Chew Choon Ming is truly a man that upholds unity among the different races in Kepong Baru and without a doubt, a patriotic Malaysian that gave priority to security and unity.

Letter from Abd Karim

Letter from Abd Karim


Newspaper cuttings of Xian Sheng, Chew Choon Ming