Xian Sheng started preaching in the late 1976’s after he received the Spiritual Revelations that revealed to him that he is the Disciple of GOD, the Deliverer of all unclean spirits.  Xian Sheng does not write down his teachings as he does not want to them to be mistaken as GOD’s word. All of Xian Sheng’s teachings were his own as he is the Disciple of GOD.

Xian Sheng has spoken for many hours and on a variety of topics. Unfortunately, the devices for recording were easily available and the analogue devices were not as sophisticated as today, resulting in many of his teachings lost to us or in an undesirable condition. Nevertheless, we have over 7,000 hours of audio and video recordings that have been converted to digital.

We shall present a compilation of short video clips extracted based on topics for the convenience of understanding Xian Sheng’s teachings.

Acceptance into Baitiangong