20B&C 24021996 Xian Sheng talks about heavens

Video: 20B&C 24021996. Date: 24 February 1996. Venue: Baixian Office, Taman Melawati. Kuala Lumpur.


  1. We are used to thinking that there is only ONE heaven for those who passed their examination in life in our world.
  2. Xian Sheng explains that there are many levels of heaven. In fact, there are limitless levels of heavens.
  3. The lowest level of heaven, which is also a common level, is like our world.
  4. However, unlike our world where we need money to buy the things we want or need, whatever we want or need in heaven will be there for us.
  5. Happiness is basic feeling in all the levels of heaven. The higher the level, the happier a saint gets. The happiness in heaven is so great that we can feel the happiness in our hair, face, hands, body, legs and until our toes.
  6. Happiness in heaven comes from many sources. Some saints are happy with dancing, some are happy with eating, some are happy dating opposite sex saints, and some are happy with the visual sights and so forth.
  7. Higher than the lower level heavens which is similar to earth, are heavens where you can breathe underwater, heavens where you can eat without the need to go to the toilet, heavens like cartoon worlds and so forth.
  8. After a person who passed their examination in life and goes to their assigned heaven, they can proceed to go up to higher levels of heaven if they continue to pray to the CREATOR and meditate voluntarily.
  9. At present, after we recite our prayer, we will ask the CREATOR  the following; to bless all the saints in heaven with a higher level, to forgive the sins of our ancestors in hell and to give them a place in heaven if deserving, and to bless our immediate family members.
  10. After we are in heaven, we should continue to pray to the CREATOR. However, Xian Sheng taught us to pray as follows; pray to the CREATOR to bless mankind and to bless other saints with a higher level. In this way, all the saints will have a chance to attain a higher level of heaven.
  11. There are limitless levels of heaven because everyone’s good deeds are different. In Baitiangong Universal Spiritual Movement alone, there are those who perform fasting, varying from once a year to the full 27 days, while some do not even fast. Some follower joins in the Sunday meditation consistently while some do not even come. Some attend obsequies to pray for the soul of the deceased while some do not. Some join our various celebrations and activities while some never ever join in anything. The variation within the Spiritual Movement depending on what they do and do not are so huge.
  12. As for those outside of the Spiritual Movement, the variation in good deeds everyone does and do not are practically limitless, like the levels of heaven that they will go to upon their bodily death.