Baitiangong Universal Spiritual Movement

Baitiangong Universal Spiritual Movement (BUSM) is an organisation for all the brothers & sisters that pray to the CREATOR and practices the teachings of Xian Sheng.

Baitiangong, in hanyu pinyin, Bài Tiān Gōng means pray to the CREATOR. The CREATOR is known as Yahweh to the Jews, GOD the Father to the Christians, Allah to the Muslims and Shangdi, Tian or Lao Tian Ye to the Chinese people. We address the CREATOR as Tian Gong.

Universal means that praying to the CREATOR transcends ethnicity, nationality, race, skin colour and social status in society. This means that anyone can pray to the CREATOR. One does not have to be in a specific religion or any religion to pray to the CREATOR. As the CREATOR created the various dimensions including our physical universe, intelligent beings from other star systems and other dimensions can also pray to the CREATOR.

Spiritual Movement refers to the group of brothers and sisters practicing the teachings of Xian Sheng in their quest to improve their spiritual knowledge and understanding in the hope of saving their own soul and going to Heaven upon the physical death of their bodies. The Spiritual Movement also propagates the teachings of Xian Sheng to the public (the non-Muslims in Malaysia) in order to help others achieve Spiritual Awareness and save their soul too.

Baitiangong Universal Spiritual Movement is a movement of question and answer. We practice the ways of Baitiangong that is able to respond to changes in time and not fixed. We ae a movement not bounded by rules and regulation, rites and rituals, dogmas, taboos or superstitions that are generally associated with religious movements.