The teachings of Xian Sheng

Xian Sheng is mandarin for born earlier. This means that Xian Sheng existed even before the creation of Heaven, Hell and the various dimensions. Xian Sheng along with other Disciples and Messengers of GOD exist in the Plane of Nothing.

The CREATOR created Heaven for souls that have accumulated more positive points than negative points during their examination in life and also prays to the CREATOR. For souls that do not pray to the CREATOR, they would reincarnate into Limbo where they are given the opportunity to realise and pray to the CREATOR. Hell is for those who accumulated more negative than positive points. The Divine Law of Nature determines the entire process. The CREATOR does not need to judge each soul individually. More importantly, the CREATOR does not interfere with the daily affairs of the countless souls in countless dimensions as every soul is gifted with a mind to determine their own destiny based on their own choices in life. However, the Disciples and Messengers of GOD may be born as a man to helps us in our examination in life. Yeshua (Jesus) and Muhammad are Messengers that came to Earth as a man to pass a specific message to the Jewish people and Arab people of that time. Xian Sheng came as a Chinese man to specifically correct the religious practices and thinking of the Chinese who mostly practices idolatry.


The following are what Xian Sheng taught us.

Spiritual Guidelines

The Five Realisations

Spiritual Meditation

The Vicious Cycle of Reincarnation