Pray to the CREATOR

The first and most important of all guidelines guide us to pray to the CREATOR. The CREATOR has given man a mind capable of analysing facts, logical thinking to differentiate between fact and fiction, and reasoning capabilities to think beyond available facts.

Man is endowed with free consciousness, but with that freedom, also exposed to good consciousness and evil consciousness. Man is required to use his mind to choose between good and evil, right and wrong, and the ultimate question, does the CREATOR exist?

Early Reference

More than five thousand years ago, the ancient religion of China is monotheism and the people worship Tian.1 See Gallery for the early Chinese characters for worship and the Emperor worshipping ShangTi at the Altar of Heaven in present day Beijing. The only way to pray to the CREATOR is by kneeling down, hands clasped together and eyes facing skywards. This is the highest form of respect that we can accord to the CREATOR of Heaven and Hell, the universe, the dimensions, our mind, body and soul, and all and more than that.

Where is the CREATOR?

The CREATOR is not in us, anywhere on Earth, in Heaven but beyond HIS creation, and therefore is beyond the boundaries of our physical universe. It is illogical that the creator of all the positive planes, the negative planes and all the various dimensions, to reside in our universe, which is only one of the countless dimensions created by the CREATOR. As the CREATOR created by thought alone, the number of probable dimensions are as infinite as the derivatives of π. However, GOD’s Consciousness is omnipresence. We kneel down facing skywards so that our prayers can be projected outwards, beyond the ends of the universe and beyond Nothing, to the CREATOR.

If the CREATOR is omnipotence, omniscience and omnipresent, why is there no real and solid proof of the CREATOR?

Xian Sheng constantly reminds us that the CREATOR did not ask us to pray to the CREATOR, but Xian Sheng asks us to pray to the CREATOR. The CREATOR created everything by thought and therefore does not need anything from us. The CREATOR does not need us to pray to HIM; offer any sacrifices, which are part of HIS creation in the first place; demands our respect, loyalty and love; adherence to the rules and regulation or guidelines set forth by HIS Disciples and Messengers for man; and for us to believe that HE exist or not.

The CREATOR created Heaven and Hell and gave man free will. Whatever we do with our life, whether we believe in the CREATOR or not; pray to the CREATOR or pray to idols, saints, man, or to be an atheist; respect HIM or curse HIM; love HIM or hate HIM; follow our good consciousness or follow our evil consciousness; it is our own personal choice. However, our soul bears the consequences of all our actions during our lifetime. Even if a person does more good than bad in life and his or her soul accumulated more positive points than negative points, this does not mean that this person can go to Heaven, if he or she does not recognise the owner of Heaven. However, this person can go to Limbo, a plane where this person is given another chance to realise the existence of the CREATOR and pray to the CREATOR. If he or she still fails to do so, then this person will be reincarnated again without the need to suffer in Hell. This could be your Limbo and all you have to do is to use your analytical mind and logical thinking to realise the existence of the CREATOR and pray to the CREATOR, and you can go to Heaven.

Heaven and Hell already existed before man and The Divine Law of Nature will judge us accordingly, regardless whether we believe the CREATOR exist or not. Xian Sheng emphasises that the CREATOR could not be bothered with us. However, if we use our analytical mind, logical thinking and reasoning power to realise the existence of the CREATOR and pray to the CREATOR with our mind, body and soul, we will be rewarded with an eternal life in Heaven. If we could not be bothered with the CREATOR, or pray to the creations of the CREATOR, or upholds that science, being the logical answer in our physical universe, disprove the existence of a CREATOR that exist beyond our physical universe, we should not expect the Divine Law of Nature to show favours or forgive our ignorance, if the CREATOR does indeed exist, for we are given sufficient time in this world to come to that realisation. The CREATOR is all forgiving, all hatred and all and more than that. We will still have plenty of opportunities in the next life to come to that realisation and pray to the CREATOR, after we have suffered in Hell for any sins committed during our lifetime.

Leaving the Cycle of Reincarnation

Xian Sheng asked us to pray to the CREATOR so that we can save our soul and leave the Vicious Cycle of Reincarnation to go to Heaven. Man has existed for as long as the universe has been in existence. The fact that we are still alive today is an indication that we are trapped in this Vicious Cycle of Reincarnation. The next question that we have to ask ourselves is whether we want to continue to be trapped in this vicious cycle, or do we want to break free by using our analytical mind and logical thinking to find out how.


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