Acceptance into Baitiangong


09A-1999. Date: 7 February 1999. Elapsed Time:45:43


  • <lengthy explanation related to obsequies>
  • Installing an Urn is much easier than obsequies.
  • Look for a group of Baitiangong brothers and sister to welcome them into Baitiangong.
  • How to welcome them into Baitiangong;
  • One day, when they are ready to accept Baitiangong, all of us go to their home, kneel down and pray to the CREATOR.
  • We pray to the CREATOR as follows – Tian Gong, our brother or sister <name> today understand and accept Baitiangong. We welcome them into Baitiangong. We pray to Tian Gong to give them intellectual understanding.
  • We do not require Urn or anything.
  • For children of Baitiangong families, after they shift out and they don’t own an urn, they can still pray to the CREATOR. They just clasp their hands together to pray.


09A-1999. Date: 7 February 1999. Elapsed Time:49:32


  • Sister: Does this person need to fast first?
  • Xian Sheng: The best is if they fast first.
  • S: What if they cannot fast?
  • XS:
    • Even if they cannot fast, I will also accept them, accept them to pray to the CREATOR.
    • But once a year, at year-end, they must fast without food and water.
    • We must inform and make clear to them.
    • The best would be to encourage them to fast before we accept them into Baitiangong.
    • Why? We don’t want them to tell us by year-end – October, that they cannot fast without food and water.
    • There will be an acceptance for new follower in Kuala Lumpur this coming Wednesday (10th of February 1999). Xian Sheng will perform this first Acceptance without using the Urn or Kemayan or anything. Xian Sheng will show everyone the video.
  • Sam Chee Yee: What is the difference between truly being accepted and not truly being accepted? My wife is not truly accepted into Baitiangong, but she has been praying for a few years already. For myself, I have been following my parents for 20 years, but I have not undergone the Acceptance with a group of people to acknowledge receiving me.
  • XS:
    • You have to understand, your father is a Baitiangong follower, therefore all of you are also Baitiangong follower.
    • The CREATOR will know, you don’t have to say.
    • Here, they have never pray to the CREATOR before. They came to listen and subsequently wants to pray to the CREATOR.
    • SCY: What about his wife then?
  • Xian Sheng replied that his wife does not have to go through acceptance, as all along, she has been praying.
  • Ah Kian: What is the difference a disciple and a believer?
  • XS: There is no need to differentiate as the CREATOR will know. A person cannot escape from the reality whether they pray to the CREATOR or not.
  • Regarding Ah Chun, the most important thing is that, one day, when he is ready to pray to the CREATOR, without the plaque or anything, we will go and receive him into Baitiangong. When he decides he want to pray to the CREATOR and say that he does not care and just kneel down to pray, he just have to tell the CREATOR.
  • SCY: Does he require us to receive him into Baitiangong? Can he just request directly to the CREATOR to accept him?
  • XS: That is also acceptable. The best would be if a group of followers that have prayed for so long to go and receive him into Baitiangong.
  • <lengthy explanation on our aura>
  • The group of followers would go to his home and pray to the CREATOR as follow: We accept him to pray to the CREATOR and then request the CREATOR to accept him to pray to the CREATOR as well. Our request can be granted as our hands have sufficient aura, for the time has come.
  • <another lengthy explanation on our aura>


24A-1999. Date: 30 May 1999. Elapsed Time:19:50


  • Melinda: Two families would like to install plaque. In the case of Ah Chun, does he count as SELF or FAMILY?
  • Xian Sheng: He is considered personal, unless his family is also praying.
  • With only five brothers and five sister, Acceptance can be conducted here in Singapore Holy Hall, without the need to install a plaque or an urn, what do you say?
  • We kneel down and pray – we accept this person as our Baitiangong brother or sister, we welcome <name of the person> into Baitiangong without the need for plaque or an urn.
  • Subsequently, we record down the person details into our book.
  • That person prays and say – Thank you Tian Gong. Today I have the opportunity to be accepted and join with Baitiangong brothers and sisters to pray to the CREATOR.
  • That is all that is required. Nothing is required. No need for a plaque.
  • However, if the person wants a plaque, a plaque, after being bless with the three prayers can be handed over to him or her.
  • As long as we know he or she is Baitiangong, the plaque is not needed.
  • There is no compromise here. A plaque is considered a compromise.
  • This a direct way of accepting a person to pray to the CREATOR.
  • We record down the person’s address and details.
  • If we have an association, it would be better as the person can join as a member. Regardless, we would have the person’s details.
  • If its personal, then we record as SELF. If family, we record as FAMILY.
  • M: Let’s say if Ah Chun register as SELF now, when his wife also wants to pray,then his wife automatically turns the status to family. Does his wife needs to write her name down? She does not need to go through Acceptance?
  • XS: We definitely need to record down the details, but she does not have to go through Acceptance as she automatically comes in. But I want the record as FAMILY or SELF.
  • M: For the case of Sally, if she wants, but her husband is not ready, then she register as SELF.
  • XS: FAMILY is when both agreed to be Accepted together. We would have to ask them.
  • If they are Accepted as FAMILY, we pray for the both of them. If SELF, we pray for the person only.
  • We record down their name and age.
  • Xian Sheng replied Melinda saying the spouse is automatically accepted without having to go through the Acceptance as the CREATOR will know.
  • <Xian Sheng went on to explain about the sticker>