The Five Realisations

The CREATOR cannot be proven to exist scientifically because the CREATOR transcends science. For centuries, people of the monotheistic faith tried unsuccessfully to prove the CREATOR exists. If the CREATOR can be shown to exist scientifically, then the CREATOR is not Omnipotence as to be able to create the universe with all its complexities and unexplained mysteries. We believe if the CREATOR wanted us to know HE exists without any doubt whatsoever, we would surely be aware of HIS presence as we are aware that we need to eat and sleep. Life is an examination and our greatest examination in life is to utilise our most precious gift, our mind to reason the existence of the CREATOR. The Five Realisations are gradual steps that helps us realise the existence of the CREATOR.

Realisation of Consciousness

What is Consciousness?
The mind is the centre of consciousness. The mind, body and soul are three separate entities. This means that consciousness is not generated by the brain as proposed by mainstream science. This is why the relationship between the brain and consciousness is still an on-going debate.

Consciousness is generally described as a state of awareness. An awareness of ourselves: our emotions, our feelings and our thoughts. Awareness of our existence: we are a conscious being, we are alive, we are here in this world and in the universe, and that we will eventually die.

What are the types of consciousness?

  • Internal Consciousness is our personal thoughts, ideas, perception, emotions such as joy, sorrow, love, hate, anger, fear, etc. and bodily feelings such as pain, pleasure, hot, cold, etc.
  • External Consciousness can be in the form of inspiration, divine guidance, visions, voices or even from other people. We may receive external consciousness when we are fully awake, in our dreams, ESP (Extra Sensory Perception), premonition, meditation and spiritual revelations.
  • GOD’s Consciousness exists in all matter throughout the universe and in all life forms that dictates how it behaves. We can observeGOD’s Consciousness in action in our daily lives, but assign names like laws of nature, laws of physics, laws of thermodynamics, the laws of energy conservation, laws of gravity, the laws of quantum mechanics, electrostatic laws, etc. GOD’s Consciousness ensures that every object from the largest, like suns to the smallest, like atoms behave in an orderly manner suitable for man’s survival on Earth. All of creation follows their consciousness, but The CREATOR endowed man with freedom of consciousness and therefore, only man has free will.
  • Total Sum of Consciousness is the sum of all individual consciousness. Every individual has different thoughts, ideas and opinions on a wide range of subjects. Therefore, the total sum of consciousness of all of us is a mixture of all desires of all individuals. For example, Xian Sheng asked us to pray for a ratio of man to women of 1:1.2, as this would be the best balance to preserve harmony. If all of us maintained this consciousness, then our total sum of consciousness would be 1 man to 1.2 women. This total sum of consciousness to The CREATOR would become a consciousness to The CREATOR and if The CREATOR grants it, the resultant effect will be a ratio of 1 man to 1.2 women. If the total sum of consciousness of all individuals were negative, then the resultant consciousness from The CREATOR to all of us would also be negative in nature. “If you want to do good, GOD will allow you to do more good. If you want to do evil, GOD will allow you to do more evil” – Xian Sheng. This phrase reminds us that we have free will, and we can exercise our analytical mind and logical thinking to reject negative consciousness.
  • Conscience is the most important type of consciousness that we must realise and acknowledges. Conscience is what separates us from the rest of the animal kingdom and is only bestowed to man as “We live to go through an examination in life and we die to live”. Conscience is normally explained as the inner sense that can distinguish between right and wrong, good and evil. The Chinese proverb, “you are man, devil and saint”, aptly describes man as we have both the good consciousness (saint) and the evil consciousness (devil). Ultimately, our choices will determine how we undergo our examination in life.

Realisation of Self

A GPS (Global Positioning System) can tell you how to get to your destination, but it needs to know your present location in order to plan the route. Similarly, if we do not realise who, what, when, where, why and how of our Self, we would not know how to plan our life’s path. A poor man may think his life’s path is to earn money while a rich man may think his life’s path is to earn more money. If both the poor and rich man do not realise that they are undergoing an examination in life, the method how they earn the money may lead them on the path to Hell. However, if either the poor man or the rich man knows the who, what, when, where, why and how of their Self, then the path they seek in life may lead them on the path to Heaven.

Who are you?
You are part of GOD’s creation. Darwin’s theory of evolution is not based on exhaustive scientific observations, but merely a theory. Human is not the product of evolution from apes, as the atheist would want us to believe as this would mean that GOD did not create man. In fact, GOD created seven pairs of human with different skin colour: white, black, yellow, brown, red, green and purple. The green and purple skins have become extinct.

What are you?
We are made up of three separate entities, i.e. mind, body and soul. The mind is external. It receives external consciousness and together with our internal consciousness defines the person that we are. Our body is interlocked with our soul. Our body is made fromThe Five Elements: metal, wood, water, fire and earth while our soul is a form of energy. Our body serves as a vehicle in this world for our soul to undergo our examination in life.

When would you leave The Vicious Cycle of Reincarnation?
The majority of us are trapped in the endless and vicious cycle of reincarnation, as we are unable to pass our examination in life. Our soul probably experienced reincarnation for hundreds or even thousands of times in the past. If we do not spend our time wisely to realise the existence of The CREATOR and pray to The CREATOR, we may not have this opportunity again for a long time and may have to undergo The Vicious Cycle of Reincarnation until another opportunity comes again.

Where are you?
Astronomy tells us that we are on planet Earth, which is the third planet from our Sun. Our solar system is located on the Orion Arm of the Milky Way galaxy. Astronomers estimated from 100 to 400 billion stars in the Milky Way. There are intelligent extra-terrestrial beings in our galaxy and throughout the universe that are also undergoing their examination in life. To assume we are the only intelligent life in this universe would be presumptuous and arrogant of us. Some of the more advanced extra-terrestrial beings are searching the universe in their spaceships looking for The CREATOR.

Why do you exist?
We exist because of The CREATOR’s pleasure. The CREATOR endowed us with a mind that possess the highest intelligence in this world and gave us the free will to choose our own path in our life’s examination. We are capable of reasoning beyond scientific data and specific facts to realise that The CREATOR exists, and we have to pray to The CREATOR in order to set our soul on the path to Heaven.

How should you live?
We should live our life according to the Spiritual Guidelines. The CREATOR did not ask us to pray to HIM, but Xian Sheng asked us to pray to The CREATOR in order for our souls to go to Heaven. Praying to The CREATOR is just a passport to Heaven. Xian Sheng gave us theSpiritual Guidelines to help guide us on the path to Heaven. We must also aspire to pray to The CREATOR with our mind, body and soul and become a Baitiangong man who is a Whole Man. A Whole Man is a political man, an economic man, a social man, a cultural man and a spiritual man.

Equipped with a better knowledge of who, what, when, where, why and how of our Self is only the start of our journey on the path to Heaven. We have to use our analytical mind and logical thinking and seek guidance from our Spiritual Guidelines, as our decisions will determine the path to either Heaven or Hell. “If you want to do good, GOD will allow you to do more good. If you want to do evil, GOD will allow you to do more evil”. Following our good consciousness seems to be the simple and logical choice in life. Unfortunately, the Self is easily tempted by earthly values like power, position, stature, fame and luxurious living; and worldly possessions like wealth, properties, big houses, luxury cars, etc. As we stumble in life to pursue these earthly values, we inadvertently or knowingly succumbed to our negative Self that exhibits fear, selfishness, greed, ego, pride, prejudice, vanity, lust and pessimism. Our fourth Spiritual Guidelinesteaches us to develop our positive Self to practice sacrifice, honour, respect, patience, perseverance and trust.

Realisation of the existence of the Soul

“The body is real, but the soul is a reality” – Xian Sheng. The body is real can be easily understood as we feel pain when our body is hurt, hunger when we have not been eating, exhaustion when we have been physically active and sick when we have not been taking care of our health. Until the time of writing, there are no observable physical symptoms or effects and scientific method to determine that we have a soul. However, there are numerous documented evidences in Near Death Experience (NDE), Out of Body Experience (OOBE), research on reincarnation by Dr. Ian Stevenson on children and past life regression conducted by Dr. Brian Weiss that argues that we have a soul and that the soul undergoes reincarnation.

The soul is a spiritual energy that interlocks with our body as we live to go through our examination in life. When the body is clinically dead, the interlock is severed and the soul will depart for the spiritual planes. A person who commits suicide or wants to seek revenge upon death would have committed a serious sin and would be left to suffer on the Earth plane as a roaming soul. Many people do not know that ghosts are actually roaming souls. However, they will eventually leave, after very long periods of suffering on the Earth plane, to Hell for more sufferings for their sins committed during their life’s examination.

The Vicious Cycle of Reincarnation is a term in Baitiangong that shows how the soul is trapped in a repetitive cycle of birth, physical death, suffering in Hell and rebirth again. The popular belief that the soul undergoes reincarnation to experience life or to improve from previous lives or karma is not true. The soul goes through the reincarnation cycle because it fails to pass its examination in life. Before a soul is reborn again, it will have to suffer punishment in Hell for any sins committed. Sometimes, a soul is reincarnated immediately. Our soul does not have the privilege to choose who and where to reincarnate. Our soul may reincarnate on Earth or another world, as a male or female, healthy or handicap, rich or poor, in any skin colour or most importantly, into a family that prays to The CREATOR or not. Regardless, he or she will not remember their previous lives. They will also not carry the burden or sins of their previous life, as they will start out on a clean slate. However, they may undergo the examination that they failed in past lives. Past life regression is a technique that is able to bring out previous life experiences from our subconscious mind as our soul retains all its memories. Similarly, our soul will keep track of all the good and bad deeds we committed in our life, and we will be judged accordingly upon death. The CREATOR does not need to judge us. We can only leave The Vicious Cycle of Reincarnation to go to Heaven if we pray to The CREATOR and practice theSpiritual Guidelines.

Our Baitiangong Spiritual Meditation is the highest form of meditation because we surrender our mind, body and soul to The CREATOR. Many people, Baitiangong or non-Baitiangong had experienced their soul leaving their body and travelled to Heaven or Hell. When a person gets up from meditation, but saw that their body is still sitting cross-legged in a meditative position; they should come to a realisation that it is their soul that is staring back at their own body. The main purpose of meditation is to assist us in the realisation of our soul. Xian Sheng reminded us never to meditate by ourselves without the presence of at least two Baitiangong Elders or ACCs appointed to conduct it. There are certain dangers like our soul losing its way in the maze of dimensions without their assistance to guide us back.

Realisation of the existence of Heaven, Hell and the various dimensions

If we accept that man has a soul, and our soul bears the consequences of our actions while undergoing our examination in life, where will our soul go upon death?

There are a few possibilities: Heaven, Hell, Limbo and the Earth Plane. Some souls may even be reincarnated immediately.

Heaven is a spiritual plane that all the souls that passed their examination in life go and become saints. It is a place of perpetual happiness, peace and pleasure. Heaven is far more spectacular and breathtaking than we can ever imagine. Some brothers and sisters testified that the roads are paved with gold, diamonds and other precious stones. The trees and flowers are vibrant with vivid colours that are alive. Even the grass will envelope you and caresses you to sleep. The streams and rivers are filled with water that will automatically bathe you when you step into them and dry up when you step out of them. Any food that you desire to eat will appear before you.

Heaven is limitless. It does not have a top or a bottom. If we pray to The CREATOR with our mind, body and soul, we fear nothing exceptThe CREATOR, we practice to become a Whole Man, we perform fasting consistently and preach Baitiangong to others, our soul could go to the higher planes in Heaven. In the higher planes, we do not even have to eat food for eating is a pleasure that is negligible there. We can create anything we desire by thought alone. The saints in Heaven continue to pray to The CREATOR and conduct spiritual discussions. Saints can progress to the higher planes as they develop a deeper understanding of Baitiangong. We are more fortunate than the saints as we have more opportunities on Earth to gain more positive points. One of the best ways to gain positive points is to preach Baitiangong to others.

Xian Sheng constantly advised us to think about going to Heaven by doing our best to achieve praying to The CREATOR with our mind, body and soul, preach Baitiangong to our family, friends and others, perform fasting consistently and follow our Spiritual Guidelines. If we think of going to Heaven, where we will spend the rest of eternity, we will not be tempted by earthly values and materialistic gains like power, position, stature and wealth. These only serve us while we are living on Earth, as we cannot take them away with us to the afterlife. Life is short and time flies very fast. Before you know it, your time will be up. If we have not accumulated enough positive points in life and pray to The CREATOR within the short span of time given to us, we may not even reach the lower planes of Heaven. We will then have to go through The Vicious Cycle of Reincarnation and may not get another chance like now, to pray to The CREATOR.

Hell is a spiritual plane for those that failed their examination in life. Praying to The CREATOR is only a passport to Heaven, as going to Heaven requires that we gain positive points in our life’s examination. However, if a follower commits more sin than doing good deeds, he or she will still have to suffer in Hell for those sins, regardless whether he or she prays to The CREATOR or not.

What most of us envisage Hell to be is mild, as the punishment and suffering in Hell is far more extreme than what we could ever imagine. There are cases of brothers and sisters who have visited Hell during meditation who cried out in fear. In one particular meditation, a non-Baitiangong man who said Xian Sheng and the followers were just putting on a show, was sent to see Hell by Xian Sheng and after that meditation, continued to shiver in fear for a whole week until Baitiangong followers brought him to seek Xian Sheng’s forgiveness and Xian Sheng removed that fear from him. Although he was of big build and a daring man to challenge Xian Sheng, even the horrors of Hell were too much for him.

Every sin committed in life is punished separately, and the severity of the punishment depends upon the degree of that sin. For example, those who lied would find themselves cutting their tongue with a knife that is held by their own hand. Those who stole would find themselves chopping off their hand. In Hell, the soul is no longer intangible as when it was on Earth. Instead, it will have the full consciousness to experience mental and physical pain until it faint from agony. It will awaken soon after, to find itself repeating the same action again for hundreds or even thousands of years, depending on the degree of their sin. On Earth, our physical body can get numb to the pain, but in Hell, the conscious sensation of pain is the same every single time. If we do not want to control our hands to do good in life, we will have no control over our hands in Hell and our hands will be used instead to punish us for our sins.

Limbo is a spiritual plane where a person that has done more good deeds than sin in life goes to if they did not pray to The CREATOR. Limbo is a plane for the soul to realise the existence of The CREATOR, accept The CREATOR and pray to The CREATOR. If the soul is able to do that, then it will go to Heaven. Otherwise, the soul will be reincarnated again. This Earth plane could be your limbo and all you have to do is to pray to The CREATOR.

The Earth Plane
Roaming Souls or more popularly called ghosts occupies spiritual dimensions known as the Earth Plane on our planet and therefore, cannot be seen by us. However, some people can see roaming souls, as their eyesight’s vibration is compatible with them. Most would report seeing horrible spectres because of the extreme sufferings the roaming soul endures. Roaming souls have committed a serious sin by ending their examination in life by committing suicide that they do not deserve to go to Hell immediately. They are left on the Earth plane to suffer for thousands of years. People who died, but are so full of hatred to the extent of taking revenge upon their deaths are also doomed to be roaming souls. Roaming souls exist alongside of us, but are unable to do the things they once did when they were alive. They can see people, but cannot interact with them and therefore, experience extreme loneliness and rejection. They can see food, but cannot eat or drink and therefore experience extreme pangs of hunger. However, they can experience the pains from people bumping into them, the searing heat of the sun and the cold of winters, the rain and all other environmental factors. They will also experience how they died multiple times over. For example, people that commit suicide by hanging from a rope will find themselves pulling the noose over their head again and again to experience the pain of dying countless times. Eventually, after very long periods of suffering on the Earth plane, they will be able to go to Hell for further punishment for their sins in their lifetime.

Realisation of the existence of The CREATOR

A logical question to ask if we have realised the existence of Heaven, Hell, Limbo and the various dimensions is, who created them?

Although man has the free will to choose between their good consciousness and evil consciousness, they also have GOD’s Consciousness and know that a Supreme Being exists. The CREATOR can easily endow man with a predetermined consciousness, and man will automatically realise and pray, if The CREATOR so desires, but our examination in life requires us to use our analytical mind and logical thinking to realise the existence of The CREATOR. In the early years after the creation of man, man knows how to kneel down and pray. However, as time passes, man’s consciousness departs further and further away from GOD’s Consciousness. Superstition becomes the prevailing force as mysterious events, including natural disasters, were beyond their abilities to understand and control. Man started to perform many rituals, including sacrifice to appease these unseen forces and over time, these rituals and belief systems formed religions.

Messengers and Disciples of The CREATOR came to our world to be born as human to help guide man’s consciousness back to GOD’s Consciousness. However, history taught us that man’s consciousness strayed away from GOD’s Consciousness again after their departure. That is why there are not even 1% of people in the world that prays to The CREATOR with their mind, body and soul. Xian Sheng told us that Baitiangong brothers and sisters are amongst the less than 1% of people, and therefore, we are the luckiest people in the world.

Who is The CREATOR?
GOD is the general term that many religions refer to as their Supreme Being or deity(s). However, these GODs are not necessarily The CREATOR, as we understand in Baitiangong. The CREATOR is known to the Jews as Yahweh, the Christians as GOD the Father, the Muslims as Allah and to the Chinese people, Shang-Ti, Tien or Lao Tien Yeh. We address The CREATOR as Tian Gong.

What is The CREATOR?
The CREATOR is beyond any and all descriptions, as all the words in all the dictionaries in all the worlds cannot even describe The CREATOR.The CREATOR is all and more than that. We do not need to understand or describe The CREATOR; we just need to realise The CREATOR exist by understanding The Five Realisations and most importantly, pray to The CREATOR.

Where is The CREATOR?
Xian Sheng has searched the entire Nothing and could not find The CREATOR. Therefore, Xian Sheng told us that The CREATOR is beyond GOD’s creation, i.e. beyond the universe, beyond Heaven and beyond Nothing.

Why did The CREATOR created man?
It is The CREATOR’s pleasure to create man and put us through an examination in life. The beginning verses of our Prayer tell us that The CREATOR created Heaven and Hell and between these planes, all the various dimensions, including our universe. The Prayer continues with the creation of The Five Elements and the combination of all five, forms man. Man is placed on Earth to undergo our examination in life. The final verses of The Prayer loops back to the beginning of The Prayer with man choosing either to love GOD and be rewarded with Heaven or not to love GOD and be cast into Hell. Xian Sheng had explained countless times that The CREATOR does not need anything from us, and we understand from The Prayer that all of creation is created for man, therefore, we can appreciate that man is created because of The CREATOR’s pleasure.

How does The CREATOR create?
Creation is a consciousness. The CREATOR created all of creation by thought alone. The CREATOR did not use hands like a man to create. The creation of the universe happens simultaneously, but we explain the creation as follows for your easy comprehension: Nothing, gases, life-force energy, external life-force energy, consciousness and matter. Nothing is an endless void that has infinite dimension. Within Nothing, all the gases were created. Life-force energy caused the gases to move and collide with each other and enormous explosion ensued throughout Nothing. External life-force energy ensures that the explosions result in the gases forming all matter like suns, moons, planets and other celestial objects in the universe; while on Earth, The Five Elements formed everything in our planet, including man. Consciousness gives all matter their purposes according to The Divine Law of Nature. Astronomers are unable to see the far reaches of our universe while scientists who study quantum mechanics are still searching for sub-atomic particles, demonstrates the enormity and complexity of creation. Creation is still an ongoing process with new star systems continually being formed in outer space. The Big Bang Theory and the Theory of Evolution can never be proven scientifically and are merely theories propounded by the atheist to disprove the existence of The CREATOR.

Proof of the existence of The CREATOR is all around us. The strong anthropic principle suggests that all observations made in our physical universe show that the universe’s fundamental constants happen to fall within the narrow range compatible with life. It is as if the universe is compelled to ensure that man will be able to survive on our planet. As explained above in the Creation process and also the fourth line of our Prayer, all of GOD’s creation has GOD’s Consciousness and will follow the Divine Law of Nature to ensure that man can undergo our examination in life. Ultimately, we must make use of our own consciousness, i.e. our analytical mind, logical thinking and reasoning abilities to go beyond the material and physical world we live in to understand the immaterial or spiritual world that awaits us upon death. As this is understandably a difficult process with the huge amount of information and misinformation out there, Xian Sheng gave us The Five Realisations to guide us to eventually realise the existence of The CREATOR, and pray to The CREATOR so that we can save our soul and be rewarded with a place in Heaven.