Spiritual Revelations

Xian Sheng started to experience Spiritual Revelations at the age of 40. For a period of seven days starting from 15 February (Monday) to 21 February (Sunday) in 1976, Xian Sheng woke up everyday with a different hand gesture. These gestures are to invoke the power bestowed unto him to assist him as he embarks on his journey to teach humanity to revert back to the original ways to pray to the CREATOR. Subsequently, he experienced many Spiritual Revelations throughout the year until he finally received The Prayer to pray to the CREATOR on 4 October 1976.

Spiritual Meditation

Xian Sheng received his Spiritual Revelations during his dreams and Spiritual Meditations. Spiritual Meditation is unique to Xian Sheng and to Baitiangong Universal Spiritual Movement. In early 1976’s, Xian Sheng continuously experienced out-of-body where he would climb onto a mythical elephant one night and onto a mythical tiger the following night, to be taken to the top of a mountain to meditate. Once a white horse with wings flew Xian Sheng to the clouds where he meditated. He experienced meditating in midair above temples, above the top of bamboo trees, on the surface of water, by a riverside, by a seaside and etc.

Finally, Xian Sheng decided to meditate physically whilst being conscious and not in his dreams. Nothing happened in his first two consecutive attempts at meditation, very late in the night. But on the third night and on his third attempt, he found himself locked into a cross-legged position and he could not get up. This will be explained shortly under The White Book. The experiences that followed subsequently taught him that the best times to meditate are at the break of dawn and during sunset. In future, at the start of his Spiritual Meditation, Xian Sheng would pray to the CREATOR and then sit cross-legged, facing skywards and says the following, “Tian Gong, I give you my mind, body and soul in meditation”.

The White Book

On his third attempt at meditation on the porch of his home at 22, Jalan 16, Kepong Baru (new address: No. 22, Jalan Api-Api Kiri 3, Kepong Baru, 52100 Kuala Lumpur), Xian Sheng found himself locked into a cross-legged position and he could not get up. All of a sudden his hands moved by themselves and spread open in front of him. His eyes open automatically as well. His hands proceed to move upwards. A White Book appeared from the sky and descended towards his open hands. Once he received the White Book, his body proceed to slowly lie down on the ground. His legs were still in a cross-legged position. The White Book was blank. For some time, Xian Sheng struggled to move, but to no avail. He began to fear for the first time in his life and he fervently begged GOD to set him free. Beyond his own control, he found his body slowly rising up into a cross-legged position again. His hands were clasped at the solar plexus region and then stretched upwards and outwards from his body. His hands then returned to the original position at the solar plexus. This action was repeated for three times before control was finally returned to him. In the future, when Xian Sheng pray to the CREATOR, he would kneel down, stretch out his hands once to signify that he would bear the sins of all the people and then clasped his hands at his solar plexus to recite The Prayer. We are advised not to follow his gesture, as we are not capable of bearing the burden of other people’s sin upon us. Later, he realised that he is part of the White Book. The White Book was blank as this signifies the start of Xian Sheng’s Baitiangong activities.

Destroy all the Idols

In an out-of-body experience, Xian Sheng found himself on a beautiful beach. An authoritative “voice” instructed him to destroy all the idols. Xian Sheng was surprised and responded telepathically that he does not possess such power. The “voice” then ordered him to fold up his sleeve. Xian Sheng saw a brilliant ray of light emanating from his wrist. He also discovered that he was dressed completely in white with five different coloured buttons on his shirt that represents The Five Elements.

He saw an aeroplane suspended in the air and by thought, teleported himself onto the aeroplane. The aeroplane was without a pilot. The aeroplane took Xian Sheng to a place fully occupied by rows of temples. By thought, he descended down below. There were rows of Chinese and Indian temples. The people there seemed to recognise him and all of them started running away from him. Xian Sheng went into one of the temple and he pointed his index and middle finger at the idols of snakes and elephants and they disintegrated into dust. He saw a man running out of the temple with a photograph under his armpit. Xian Sheng thought of chasing that man and he was immediately in front of him. He took the photograph from that man and saw that it was the photograph of Sai Baba. Xian Sheng passed his hands over it, and the photo became blank. After Xian Sheng completed his task of destroying the idols in the various temples, he was taken back to the beautiful beach on the same aeroplane. The authoritative “voice” said, “I am very pleased with what you have done.”

Healing Powers

In another Spiritual Revelation, Xian Sheng found himself on another positive plane. He saw a beautiful white dove flapping its wings while hovering under an overhanging palm leave. He told himself, “this must be a heavenly dove”, and reached out to hold it with both his hands. Suddenly his hands were caught in a powerful energy discharge. He struggled to break free but his hands remained caught in the energy field.

Xian Sheng finally managed to break free of the energy field. His hands were completely numb and he believed the energy discharge took all night until dawn because when he woke up the following morning, both his hands were still numb just as he has experienced in that revelation. He has to continually massage both his hands for the whole week until the numbness sensation subsided.

Whenever Xian Sheng performs Spiritual Healing on someone very ill, he experiences the same sensations he felt during the energy discharge and the numbness that follows afterwards. The Spiritual Revelation could be how spiritual powers were bestowed to Xian Sheng for performing healing.

The Disciple of GOD, the Deliverer of All Unclean Spirit

One night when Xian Sheng was praying to GOD, he felt a strong consciousness to meditate. (At that time the Chinese characters Tian Gong was not in his vocabulary, and he used the word GOD. During his early days before receiving The Prayer to pray to the CREATOR, he used to recite the Lord’s Prayer and the Al-Fatiha). He lost control of his body and found himself laid on his back. Then he felt his whole body spinning laterally and moving upward. The speed of the spinning was so tremendous that he thought that his body would disintegrate. He realised that he was moving up towards the sky away from his home. He saw the planets flying past him and then the stars and finally the galaxies flying past and he knew that he was moving out of our solar system, out of our galaxy and out of our universe. He arrived at The Plane of Nothing.

All of a sudden, a “voice” said, “This is the Kingdom of GOD.” At the same time, a vertical “tongue of fire” about 0.6 meters (2 feet) came gushing towards him from nowhere. Xian Sheng retreated backwards from the “tongue of fire” that gushed over his head. Xian Sheng found himself surrounded by a brilliant white light about 2 meters in diameter.

Then he found his body spinning laterally once again and very swiftly, arrived back to his home. When he woke up the next morning, the “voice” told him, “You are The Disciple of GOD, the Deliverer of All Unclean Spirit.”