The Creation of the Universe is still the greatest scientific mystery of our century. Although astronomers, cosmologists, astrophysicists, theoretical physicists, physicists, etc. have tried their best to explain the Big Bang Theory, many of its supporting theories are still being debated, like in the recent article published by, “Cosmologist claims Universe may not be expanding” on 16 July 2013. Although the Big Bang Theory has managed to explain many of the phenomena happening in our universe, it would never satisfactorily explain the creation of the Universe as long as these scientists fail to acknowledge that the universe did not appear from nothing (a singularity that is infinitesimally small) to everything, but as the creation of the CREATOR.

Back in the 1980s, a highly educated old Chinese man asked Xian Sheng to explain the creation, as he knew Xian Sheng teaches the Baitiangong followers to pray to the CREATOR. After he listened to Xian Sheng’s explanation, he said that he had over the years, asked so many people including religious heads, but nobody was able to give him a satisfactory answer until he met Xian Sheng.

Xian Sheng, as the Disciple of GOD, is fully aware of the creation process. However, he has never explained it to anyone as nobody asked him until he met this old man. This old man prompted Xian Sheng to teach all of us the creation process, in layman terms, so that we would never be caught speechless when someone asked us the following, “If your Xian Sheng is the Disciple of GOD, then he must know how the universe was created?”

We can paraphrase the question as follows, “If the religion or faith we are in is unable to explain the creation of the universe, is that religion or faith teaching us to pray to the CREATOR?”


GOD’s creation is actually a consciousness. The CREATOR created by thought, and all and more than that, appeared instantaneously. When we talk about GOD’s creation, we include the term, “all and more than that” as we must include things that have yet to be discovered, but existed in the universe.

Xian Sheng explained the creation as follows – the CREATOR created Nothing (空), gases (空气), life force energy (灵气), external life force energy (灵感), consciousness (感觉) and matter (万物). Although the above explanation seems to imply a sequence of steps taking place, we must not think that one was created after the other, for example, Nothing comes first, follow by gases, and so forth until matter was finally created. I would like to emphasise once again that the CREATOR created by thought, and all and more than that appeared instantaneously.

Consciousness or GOD’s consciousness exist even before the creation of Nothing. What we refer to as the Laws of Nature, is matter behaving and interacting with its surroundings according to GOD’s Consciousness in them. All matter that exists, from a sun to an atom is alive, have a mind, but with very low intelligence and behaves according to its predetermined consciousness.


Before we proceed on, allow me to define the terms Xian Sheng used. Please note that a direct English translation of the Cantonese terms will reveal a different meaning from the Chinese version.

Nothing – an infinite void absent of any matter, radiation, energy and space-time, but has consciousness.

Gases – all the known gases such as Hydrogen (H2), Helium (He), Nitrogen (N2), Oxygen (O2), Fluorine (F2), Neon (Ne), Argon (Ar), Krypton (Kr), Xenon (Xe), Radon (Rn), Carbon Dioxide (CO2), Carbon Monoxide (CO), Methane (CH4), Ammonia (NH3), etc. and all the gases yet to be discovered.

Life force energy – with life force energy, all these gases became alive and started colliding with each other.

External life force energy – The Chinese term 灵感 is translated as inspiration, which is defined as the process of being mentally stimulated to do something. External life force energy stimulates the gases and matter and gave them instructions to form all matter known and unknown in the universe.

Consciousness – refers to GOD’s Consciousness that gave rise to awareness to realise its purpose.

Matter – refers to anything with physical substance that occupies space and has mass.

The explanation

The creation of the universe is a consciousness of the CREATOR that appeared instantaneously into the universe we are familiar with today. However, Xian Sheng dissected this instant of creation so that we can better understand and appreciate creation. Once again, creation did not happen in the sequential order as explained.

The CREATOR created Nothing that has infinite dimensions that would become the space for all the celestial bodies within our universe. Nothing is completely void of any matter, radiation, energy and space-time.

All the gases known and unknown to us was created next within Nothing. The gases were without life and stationery at their place. All these gases were given life force energy and all these gases started to move simultaneously and collide with each other and these collisions resulted in enormous explosions throughout Nothing.

Next, these gases were imbued with external life force energy that serves as an inspiration for these gases to stop colliding and formed themselves into matter making up the suns, planets and moons that would form the solar systems for intelligent beings like us to inhabit; the galaxies with its black holes, white holes, asteroids, comets, nebulas; and all and more than that. However, all these celestial bodies are without a purpose.

By thought, the CREATOR gave consciousness in the form of predetermined consciousness to all these celestial bodies in space and everything knows its purpose and started moving, spinning and rotating. The moon(s) spin on its axis while rotating around their respective planet; the planets spin on its axis while rotating around their sun; the solar systems rotates around the centre of their galaxy and galaxies rotates around the centre of their clusters; all the while moving farther and farther away from each other. All the matter that is in our present universe was created in that instant of creation.

Creation is still on-going with old stars ending in huge supernova explosions and new stars forming from the dust and debris of these supernova explosions. Black holes that hold the galaxies together and spinning perpetually, also acts like a rubbish chute for space debris. White holes on the other hand spews out energy and matter to replenish the galaxies and to form new galaxies.

Consciousness that gave awareness and purpose to all matter is also the driving force of the universe. The four fundamental forces – gravity, electromagnetic, weak nuclear and strong nuclear; and the laws of physics like thermodynamics, electrostatic, Newtonian, chemistry and all and more than that, exist because of consciousness in all matter. Including the spiritual laws that are not mentioned in this article, we call them collectively as The Divine Law of Nature. Immediately after the creation of the universe, the Divine Law of Nature took over the growth of the universe. The intervention of the CREATOR to direct the growth of the universe and everything in it is not necessary, as all matter possess its predetermined consciousness.

Comparison with the Big Bang Theory

The universe did not start from a singularity with pure energy that would eventually form all the energy and matter in our universe. The universe started as an infinite space within nothing. But like a living organism, the universe grew and expanded with old stars dying and new stars forming, all according to The Divine Law of Nature. The Big Bang puts creation at 13.7 billion years ago to a point known as a singularity. Xian Sheng did not specifically mention the age of the universe, but based on the theories of an expanding universe, I speculate that the universe could be less than 13.7 billion years because the expansion started from an already infinite space.

The cosmological inflation is the basis for the explanation of a homogeneous and isotropic universe as observed by the Cosmic Microwave Background (CMB) image taken by WMAP. In our explanation, the gases after been infused with external life force energy, collided with each other and subsequently; huge explosion took place all over the initial universe. I speculate once again that the homogeneity of the universe is due to these explosions throughout nothing and not because of the cosmological inflation.

The Big Bang states that the initial elements that existed three minutes after the Big Bang are hydrogen, helium and lithium. However, clouds of these gases roamed the universe until 200 million years later, when gravity pulled sufficient masses of gases to form the first stars. Billions of years later, these first stars exploded in supernova explosions and spew out the heavier elements like carbon and iron. The birth and death of subsequent stars over the period of billions of years eventually created all the elements found in our universe today. In our explanation, all the gases, known and unknown to us were created instantaneously and the collision of these gases sparks off tremendous explosions that created all the heavier elements and those yet to be discovered in our universe. The external life force energy also inspired cohesion of these newly created elements to form the celestial bodies in the universe. The suns, planets and moons were therefore formed immediately and not after billions of years later.

The next phase

One of the many questions I would like to ask Xian Sheng is the first appearance of biological life. I believe the creation as explained by him – Nothing (空), gases (空气), life force energy (灵气), external life force energy (灵感), consciousness (感觉) and matter (万物) do not include biological life.

As a Baitiangong follower, I can accept that the universe blinked into existence a few billion years ago along with all its Laws of Nature. However, with the existence of the Laws of Nature including time, common sense would dictate that the planets require millions of years for them to cool down sufficiently to support biological life as the instant after creation, the temperature of the universe would be extremely hot and no biological life could survive the intense heat. Therefore, the creation of the universe is limited to the first appearance of the foundations for biological life to exist, and not including the creation of animals and intelligent life form like humans.

Is there an end to the universe?

The universe does not have an end. Nothing is infinite and since the universe resides within nothing, we would never reach the end. If we can travel to the end of the universe until we could not see anything except empty space, travelling further on will eventually bring us back to the other side of the universe.

How will the universe ends?

The Big Bang Theory suggests that the universe either ends naturally due to the endless expansion in a process known as the Big Freeze or the expansion of the universe halts and reverse under its own gravity resulting in a Big Crunch – back into a singularity again. Regardless of how the universe would end, it would take quadrillions of years from now.

According to Xian Sheng, when the CREATOR decides to end creation, all of time throughout the various dimensions would stop immediately, all the souls undergoing their examination in all the various dimensions would disappear, all The Five Elements that makes up our universe and other universes would disappear, which meant that all matter would disappear, the plane of Hell and all the souls suffering there would disappear, and all that would be left would be the multitudes of saints in the plane of Heaven and all the messengers and disciples in the plane of Nothing. All the dimensions with the exception of the plane of Heaven and plane of Nothing would disappear in an instant. Similar to the beginning of creation, the end of creation is also a consciousness of the CREATOR.

As everything in all the dimensions would freeze immediately in time, the type of doomsday that you envisage would not take place. There will be no early warnings or signs that indicates the end of all life within creation.

Heaven and Hell and the various dimensions

Although the above title seemed out of place in the creation of our physical universe, it complements the creation and would explain some of the unexplained mysteries that we observed on Earth and in our universe.

Physicists believe that if our universe can exist with our own set of physical properties and natural laws, other universes could possibly exist as well, but with a different set of physical properties and natural laws. They use terms like multiverse, parallel universe and bubble universe. A theory called eternal inflation suggest that such bubble universes are popping in and out of existence and colliding with our universe all the time.

Xian Sheng explained that Nothing contains everything and within Nothing, the CREATOR created the spiritual planes of Heaven, Hell and Limbo and the various physical and spiritual dimensions. One of these physical dimensions is our universe. All of these various planes and dimensions exist as they that overlap, crisscross and even interlock with each other as they exist within Nothing.

We are used to thinking that Heaven is somehow above us and Hell is below us. Xian Sheng explains that the planes of Heaven and planes of Hell are actually occupying the same space as our universe, but we are unable to cross over unless we pass away and our soul leaves our physical body.

The infinite number of other universes, each occupying their own dimension also contains souls likes us – although they may not look anything like us at all – but similar to us, they are also undergoing their examination in life. Sometimes, the dimensional doorways between their physical universe and ours may open up somewhere on Earth. Somewhere within the Bermuda Triangle, there exists one or more dimensional doorway that may open unexpectedly leading anyone that accidently wanders into one to another plane of existence. Some paranormal, supernatural or mysterious phenomena are the results of the interaction with beings from these different dimensions.

Roaming souls or ghost are people who died by committing suicide, and are trapped in a different dimension on the plane of Earth. Their souls are not able to leave for either the positive planes of Heaven or negative planes of Hell as they have committed a serious sin by taking their own life and the Divine Law of Nature dictates that they suffer a horrible existence alongside us. Most of us are unable to see or interact with roaming souls, but there are people with the same vibrational frequency with some of these roaming souls, and is therefore able to see them.


It must be made known to the readers that the video recordings of Xian Sheng explaining the creation are normally very brief. As mentioned above, Xian Sheng was trying to impart, in layman terms, the most simple explanation of the creation and it normally goes as follows – The CREATOR created Nothing (空), gases (空气), life force energy (灵气), external life force energy (灵感), consciousness (感觉) and matter (万物), followed by some simple explanations.

Xian Sheng was not a man of science, but he follows astronomy and science with keen interest and was therefore able to elaborate using scientific terms in some instances, when asked by his more enthusiastic followers. Unfortunately, my interest lies elsewhere when he was still with us and therefore lost my greatest opportunity to understand the creation from the one man that is privileged to have that information.

The disclaimer is therefore not intended for me, but to ensure that the readers do not entrench themselves with the explanation presented here but to keep an open mind. This article is composed based on the basic explanation of the creation by Xian Sheng and interjected with my limited knowledge of astronomy, science and the Big Bang Theory. If there is any error or confusion in this article, I would have to take full responsibility for misinterpreting Xian Sheng’s teaching. My sole purpose is to impart a slightly more detailed explanation so that readers that are more scientifically inclined would have a clearer picture of the creation as compared against the Big Bang Theory. I also hoped that this article would land into the hands of those who seeks an alternative answer to the Big Bang Theory, and more open-minded to the possibility that a CREATOR does exist and created the Universe.

A better explanation

I believe that Xian Sheng purposely kept the explanation of the universe fundamental so that he did not present too many ideas that may seem outlandish at our present level of technology and understanding of the universe. In due time, as our technological knowledge and spiritual knowledge advances, future Baitiangong followers would be able to present a better explanation based on Xian Sheng’s fundamental creation of the universe.

Too Hing Yeap, Jan 2014

Supporting materials

Fully formed solar systems with its sun, planets and moons were formed earlier than explained by the Big Bang scientists. Does this support my argument above that after the universe cools down sufficiently to support organic life like ours, souls started inhabiting these planets to begin their examination in life?

CMU's current simulation, called BlueTides, is 100 times larger than previous simulations. Credit:

CMU’s current simulation, called BlueTides, is 100 times larger than previous simulations. Credit:

  • Date: August 5, 2015
  • Source: Carnegie Mellon University
  • Summary: A new, large-scale computer simulation has shown for the first time that large disk galaxies, much like our own Milky Way, may have existed in the early days of the universe. The simulation shows that the early universe — a mere 500 million years after the Big Bang — might have had more order and structure than previously thought.

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Milky Way-like galaxies may have existed in the early universe


The formation of galaxies was earlier than predicted by the Big Bang Theory.

An image of the distribution of GRBs on the sky at a distance of 7 billion light years, centred on the newly discovered ring. The positions of the GRBs are marked by blue dots and the Milky Way is indicated for reference, running from left to right across the image. Credit: L. Balazs

An image of the distribution of GRBs on the sky at a distance of 7 billion light years, centred on the newly discovered ring. The positions of the GRBs are marked by blue dots and the Milky Way is indicated for reference, running from left to right across the image. Credit: L. Balazs

  • Date: August 4, 2015
  • Source: Royal Astronomical Society (RAS)
  • Summary: Astronomers have found what appears to be the largest feature in the observable universe: a ring of nine gamma ray bursts — and hence galaxies – 5 billion light years across.

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