Introduction to Pray to the CREATOR (Baitiangong)

Image of the Prayer

In the early days after the creation of man, man knew how to kneel down and pray to the CREATOR as man’s consciousness were close to the consciousness of the CREATOR. However, as time passes, man’s consciousness departs further and further away from the consciousness of the CREATOR due to the ever-increasing complexities of life.

As man encounters natural forces like earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, hurricanes, droughts or floods that threatened their lives, their inability to explain and control them gave rise to superstitious beliefs that the gods that controlled these natural forces are punishing them for forgetting to pray to them. Man started to perform many rituals, including sacrifice to appease these gods and over time, these rituals and belief systems formed religion.

Jesus Christ and Prophet Muhammad, whom we acknowledge as messengers of the CREATOR came to our world to be born as a human to help guide man’s consciousness back to the consciousness of the CREATOR and away from any superstitious beliefs. Similarly, Xian Sheng, the Disciple of GOD, the Deliverer of All Unclean Spirit, came to the Chinese people in particular because the majority of the Chinese people are idolaters. He hoped that his teachings will give them Spiritual Awareness and the Chinese people can revert back to the ancient ways of praying to the CREATOR, whom the Chinese refer to as Shangdi and Tian.

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