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Xian Sheng


Xian Sheng came from The Plane of Nothing on 6 August 1936, and he returned to The Plane of Nothing on 5 June 2000. To the public, he was known as Mr Chew Choon Ming. To his followers, he is the Disciple of GOD, the Deliverer of All Unclean Spirit and we address him as Xian Sheng.

Xian Sheng lived life as a normal man prior to the Spiritual Revelations that lead him to realise that he is the Disciple of GOD, the Deliverer of All Unclean Spirit. Prior to the revelations, he was very involved with his career as a schoolteacher. His dedication to the teaching profession led him to hold many key positions in various unions for teachers from 1963 till 1970. On 19 December 1987, he was recognised for his contributions and awarded the Pingat Khidmat Cemerlang Kelas Satu, Kesatuan Kebangsaan Guru-Guru Lepasan Maktab, Semenanjung Malaysia(Outstanding Service Medal Class One, the National Union of Teachers’ Training College, Peninsular Malaysia) by the then Prime Minister of Malaysia, Datuk Seri Dr. Mahathir B. Mohamad.

Mr Chew acted sternly, but with principle and integrity when he was the Discipline Teacher. He earned the respect of his peers, the students and their parents as he kept order in the school when gangsterism was rampant at that time. During his time at Port Klang, he came to know of many groups of gangsters and his courage when dealing with them helped him when he was in Kepong and they kept out of his way. His reputation paid off when during the 13 May 1969 racial riot incident, he single-handedly prevented the massacre of many Malay families, including the headmaster of S.K. Pengkalan Tentera Darat Sg. Besi, En. Abd. Karim B. Abdullah (see his letter of appreciation here), from a Chinese group wielding machetes. They recognised him and took heed of his warning that they would have to get to the Malay families over his dead body. He was awarded the “Sijil Penghargaan” (Certificate of Appreciation) from DYMM Yang Di Pertuan Agong (His Majesty the King) for showing courage in helping to preserve social unity.

Mr Chew graduated from the University of Malaya in June 1970 with a Diploma in Public Administration. He was the first batch of students that took the Public Administration course that offers Theory and Practice of Public Administration, Applied Development Economics, Constitutional and Administrative Law, Inter – Governmental Relation in a Federal System, Development Planning and Implementation, Financial Management in the Public Sector, Administrative Management and Analysis – Personnel Management, and Political Theory and Political Behaviour. In 1971, he founded the Malaysian Chinese Association (MCA), Kepong Baru Branch. Although he did not pursue his career in the political arena, given the ample opportunity, he was well known in the political cycle and was even hugged by the 3rd Prime Minister of Malaysia, Tun Hussein Onn as he announced to others around him that Mr Chew Choon Ming is an exemplary of a person with unwavering principle.

Mr Chew started to receive Spiritual Revelations in early 1976 at the age of 40. Prior to the Spiritual Revelations, he did not show any interest in religion and GOD, although he was well versed with the bible, from his school life in Anglo Chinese School. He was a worldly-wise man that lived his life to the fullest, and indulged in gambling, smoking, drinking and dancing. He would not entertain any talks on religion and GOD. The Spiritual Revelations changed all that and he renounced his indulgences. The Spiritual Revelations that culminated in Mr Chew receiving The Prayer to pray to the CREATOR on 4 October 1976, revealed to him that he is the Disciple of GOD, the Deliverer of All Unclean Spirit. With a wealth of knowledge and understanding of humanity coupled with his experience as a teacher, he embarked on a quest to educate and change mankind, as he changed himself, to accept the CREATOR and pray to the CREATOR. From that day onwards, he is known as Xian Sheng.