Charitable Trust

This page is dedicated to showing the video clips and explaining the Trust that was established by Xian Sheng since 1995. Short clips of the videos are the preferred way to focus the viewers to the important topics and not meant to hide opposing or contradicting talks as Xian Sheng is very consistent and never contradicts his own ideas. Nevertheless, the full video is available to anyone who requests for them.

17 April 1988. Kuyow Holy Hall belongs to all Baitiangong followers

Important points.

  1. Baitiangong followers can be proud to say that we own a land at Kg. Kuyow.
  2. This land belongs to all Baitiangong followers, but we do not have a share of the land title.
  3. If Baitiangong followers start to claim they own a piece of Kuyow Holy Hall as they have donated to the movement in the past, there will be problems for Xian Sheng and Xian Sheng will consider these Baitiangong followers useless.
  4. However, Xian Sheng has no use for the land. How many years can Xian Sheng live?
  5. The land will be handed over to the Trustees to manage after Xian Sheng return to the Plane of Nothing.
  6. The land cannot be sold off. The land is for Baitiangong followers to gather for spiritual discussion, meditation and conduct activities.
  7. Xian Sheng wants everyone to understand that Xian Sheng’s land is Baitiangong followers’ land. It’s for Baitiangong brothers and sisters to use.

27 October 1995. Xian Sheng discussing with Daniel regarding the Trust.

Note: This is an audio recording recorded by Daniel during his discussion with Xian Sheng. The quality of the original recording is bad and an amateurish effort (by yours truly) had been made to enhance the quality to a tolerable level. This audio was recorded in Singapore.

Important points in the discussion.

  1. Xian Sheng holds 98% shares of Syarikat Baixian Holdings (M) Sdn Bhd (Baixian Holdings). Baixian Holdings will be the 99% shareholder of all Baixian subsidiaries.
  2. Upon the demise of Xian Sheng, the Trustees will take care of Xian Sheng 98% shares.
  3. The other Directors will hold the balance consisting of 1 dollar each.
  4. As Xian Sheng is already the Director of Baixian Holdings, he can sit in on any of the Board of Directors meetings for the subsidiaries as the Chairman.
  5. At present, there is only Xian Sheng (98%) and Ah Poh (2%) as the Directors of Baixian Holdings. Xian Sheng can replace Ah Poh with Yum Shirley and another person.
  6. All of these will take place upon the demise of Xian Sheng.
  7. Xian Sheng needed to settle all of these urgently and needed Daniel in the discussion.
  8. The unwritten law is that the Trustees must see to it that all the Directors are 100% Baitiangong followers (from birth).
  9. However, they will sign a Will which upon their death, will transfer the shares back to the associated company.
  10. Daniel insisted that they will also have to sign a Declaration of Trust as the Will is personal to them and can be changed.
  11. Since they are going to sign a Declaration of Trust, they will not need to sign a Will for its only for their personal estate.
  12. The Declaration of Trust deals with their shareholdings in the Baixian companies and made it clear that it is not part of their own estate.
  13. The Directors must be 100% Baitiangong and have entrepreneurship qualities.
  14. All of Xian Sheng personal bank accounts will go into the Trust.
  15. Xian Sheng wanted to sign something to regulate the selection of Trustees so that nobody, other than the Trustees themselves, can select future Trustees.
  16. All of Xian Sheng houses are held under Xian Sheng personal name and he wanted it to be under the Trust as well.
  17. Xian Sheng is concerned that if Taman Melawati house is under Elaine Hue’s name, she would sell it after Xian Sheng demise. That property must also go to the Trustees with Elaine Hue as the second name of the house title deed. However, Xian Sheng regretted not putting it solely under his name. That house must remain under the Trustees.
  18. Xian Sheng signs all his properties, including Kuyow Holy Hall to the Trustees. Upon Xian Sheng’s demise, the Trustees go to the authorities and change the ownership to the Trustees.
  19. The Trustees are the caretakers of business and entirely different from the Elders. Do not put any of the Elders as Trustees.
  20. The core of Baitiangong, the Elite are the Trustees, the Directors and Baixian staff and they act as watchdogs over the Elders.
  21. Baixian staff will attend Association meetings to vote. The Elite group will be the support group for Council and Association. The Elite will support the President by writing the speech, the secretary by preparing the minutes and the Treasurer by using the accountancy software.
  22.  The Elders, ACCs and the rest of Baitiangong followers cannot sacrifice their money for the progress of Baitiangong, but Xian Sheng can, through the businesses of Baixian group of companies.
  23. Xian Sheng knows how to provide for his children (note that Xian Sheng’s children also include Mei Chun and Pit Tian) and future generations. They will be well taken care off from the rental of the properties to the Baixian companies and others.  Presently collecting rent from factory at Gombak and restaurant at Alam Jaya. The Trustees are to set the rental in future.
  24. Xian Sheng will not give these properties to his children. If they sell them off, where will Baitiangong stand.
  25. Xian Sheng told Chew Pit King long time ago that he will not get anything.
  26. Trustees do not draw any salary. However, they will be paid a certain fee for expenses for their meetings.
  27. Xian Sheng is approaching 60s and wants everything to be done up quickly. Changing all companies to Sdn Bhd is one of the steps taken by Xian Sheng.
  28. Baitiangong will have to have a support group. (Baixian)
  29. After the 1982 illegal assembly case, Xian Sheng was jobless for 2.5 years and none of the Baitiangong followers can help Xian Sheng. That’s why Xian Sheng is in business.


  1. Why wasn’t the Trust implement immediately after Xian Sheng returned to the Plane of Nothing?
  2. Did Xian Sheng tell Pit King a long time ago that he gets nothing? If so, why did Pit King gets 98% share of Baixian Holdings that is supposed to be part of the estate?
  3. If according to the law, Xian Sheng estate will be divided among three surviving family members, one-third for Xian Sheng’s father, one-third for Chew Mei Lian and one-third for Chew Pit King, does it means that Chew Mei Chun and Chew Pit Tian are not Xian Sheng children?
  4. Why wasn’t the rental system implemented as per Xian Sheng instructions?