The Prayer

Image of the Prayer

The Prayer to pray to The CREATOR

The Prayer to pray to the CREATOR was revealed to Xian Sheng on 4 October 1976 during one of his meditation sessions at his home at Kepong Baru at around 3:30am. In his out-of-body experience, Xian Sheng came upon a huge reflective white blank wall. Forty-five “fire-reddish” large Chinese characters appeared on the wall, measuring 7.6 meter by 3.3 meter (25 feet by 11 feet). The 45 characters appear swiftly column-by-column, from right to left, to form nine columns. As Xian Sheng was educated in English, he asked, “GOD, what is all this? I don’t understand Chinese.” A male voice replied in Cantonese, “Gradually you will understand.” The 45 words were then narrated in Cantonese to Xian Sheng along with its meaning. When he woke up in the morning, the 45 Chinese words were still vivid in his memory. He sought the assistance of his Chinese-speaking friends to help him to eventually reproduce the exact words in The Prayer.

The Prayer is used for all occasions.

For praying to the CREATOR. We pray a minimum of twice a day, after we wake up and before going to sleep.
For Chook Fook purposes i.e., when we visit a brother’s or sister’s home.
For occasions like wedding, to pray for the wishes of the couples to be fulfilled.
For occasions like obsequies, to pray for the soul of the decease.
In blood donation, for the recipients of our blood to have the consciousness that the CREATOR exists and to receive Spiritual Awareness.
In our Spiritual Meditation.
For healing purposes. We place the palm of our hands on the affected area and recite The Prayer.
Every Sunday at 4:00pm local time.
Before the start of any BUSM functions and activities.
Before the start of our celebrations i.e.Anniversary of Receiving The Prayer to pray to the CREATOR to Xian Sheng on 4 October 1976.
Commemorate Xian Sheng’s Return to The Plane of Nothing on 5 June 2000.
Commemorate Xian Sheng’s Birthdate on 6 August 1936.

The Prayer can only be recited in its original form in Cantonese, in the various Chinese dialects or in hanyu pinyin. The Prayer cannot be translated into other languages for praying purposes as it loses its meaning in the translation.

We pray by removing our shoes and kneeling down, eyes looking skywards with our hands clasped and pressed to our solar plexus. We recite the Prayer first and followed by our request as follows:

We pray for all the saints in Heaven
We pray for forgiveness for our ancestors
We pray for blessing for our family, friends and others
We can then pray for any other request